Pittsburgh Post Gazette June 4th


Nov 26, 2002
According to County Executive Jim Roddey in Pittsburgh with USAirways no longer being a Fortress Hub he expects a large increase in regional jets and fewer mainline flights.

Also a maintenance supervisor has been telling us that by October we will be down to 8 mainline gates and a loss of about 50 more flights.

It''s a shame to see such a user friendly airport such as Pittsburgh being converted to a commuter hub. Not to mention the loss of many more jobs.

Wish us all luck as we pack up our belongings and head to Philadelphia.
Interesting that they will be cutting 50 flights which would put them around 100 daily mainline flights, yet only operating out of 8 mainline gates. I would think they would need 15-20 for 100 flights.
How many coming to PHL now?
Seems a shame some of the folks that just came from PITT will get bumped out by those coming later. Move to keep a job to get bumped out in 5 months.
Funny, the last schedule plan that I saw for October showed the return of the last two banks on Tues and Wed. I guess when the Pilot bid comes out, we should know more.
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If we lose 50 flights we will be under 100 flights a day. Actually about 85 flights.
That would be 10 flights per gate.
Operating a 16 hour day that would be a turn around of about an hour an a half for each flight.

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MarkMyWords where did you get a hold of a schedule plan for October? That is what we have been looking for. Tell me so I can get one and post it and calm everybodies fears.
Also because the last 2 banks are returning does that mean no more flights are being cut out of Pittsburgh?
We need your help here. Thanks
I have "friends" in schedule planning and the fall schedule is still in planning and evaluation, but indications are that we will return to 100% flying on 279 mainline aircraft. Again, these are from the preliminary schdule and Oct is a long ways away.

Pick the rumor that you would rather believe toto. I am just posting what I know.