Question Regarding Ramp Outsourcing

There seems to be a reocurring theme being expressed by both ramp and customer service agents leading up to the outsourcing of ramp and early out program for cwa. The folks that were considering sticking around are having second thoughts when they see the drain of experience that will take place within the next few weeks and realize that there is a huge goat _u_? ahead.
With our luck the company will screw up the outsourcing and we'll be left to hang for a few more months.
Kev3188 said:
...doing the job well involves ... education, and that is not something you can get in a class or learn over a weekend from someone on TDY from CLT.
Part of the consideration is the value of this education. It may well be overlooked in much of the analysis at the legacy carriers' headquarters, but I suspect it's not. Rather, I think they're so focused on living to fight another day that they're willing to mortgage the future (e.g., by effectively driving out experienced employees) in order to have the cash today (e.g., by hiring less experienced people at much lower pay).

I could be wrong, of course. Either way, the result is the same.
News of the second round of outsourcing could be out by Friday. Some of those stations out during the first two weeks in May. Jetstream seems to be a half way decent subcontractor for those interested.