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Jan 6, 2004
Yorktown Hts., NY
... looks like one more way song is trying to emulate jetBlue, but of course theyre charging for it.

Song Airline to offer in-flight exercise

- JetBlue Airways started the in-flight fitness trend with flying yoga and Pilates. Soon, Song passengers will be able to pay $8 to flex their muscles with a set of in-seat exercises using a rubber ball and resistance band.

Created by David Barton -- who has a chain of upscale gyms -- the eight moves are designed to energize passengers and help them pass the hours on board.

''Put the band under your right foot,'' Barton told a ballroom full of executives Tuesday during the American Express Publishing Luxury Summit at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. ''Grab hold with your right hand. Now raise your hand to your shoulders.''

Barton said Song, Delta Air Lines' low-fare carrier, approached him after he had developed a workout for people to use on the road. The exercises, which focus on building core strength and improving flexibility and circulation, work perfectly for passengers on planes, he said. And they can help avoid a stiff neck or deep-vein thrombosis.

''Everything you do in the gym,'' Barton said, ''you can do with this rubber band and in your airplane seat.''

Song plans to begin selling packages with the ball, band and instructions in early June on select flights, spokeswoman Diane Briskin said.

By the end of the summer, the packages should be available on all flights. Song currently flies 16 round trips daily between Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Boston; Hartford, Conn.; Las Vegas; Los Angeles, and New York's LaGuardia and JFK.

''It's fun,'' summit participant Mark Warshaw said after following Barton's demonstration. ''Whether people will do it or not is another matter.''
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Dizel8 said:
Hmmm, how about being innovative for once:)
Dizel8 --

funny, I just read your post about jB to the Caribbean ... seems like no matter what we do, someone is there to follow.

Its nice being the leader ... as DN says, youre only as good as your last flight.