Southwest fined $200,000 for deceptive TV ads

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Who said anything about superior?
the question is why WN was needing to deeply discount ATL markets whiloe it is also reducing ATL capacity.
I get that alot of new DAL markets are on the list.
Do you have an answer?
You worked in RM, and know damn well that just because there's a sale in a market that not every seat will be sold at the deepest discount.

You love pulling average fare data, so why not go pull the average fares in those markets, and post them for everyone else to see?
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i know the average fare data but it is now five months old. Also much of the WN restructuring of the hub took place about the time of the most recent DOT data.

Yes WN could revenue manage carefully but I believe the standard is still 10% of seats at the sale levels. Deep discounted levels and 10% means weak revenue.

But we honestly don't and won't know how well the markets are doing for months. Given that WN is reducing frequency in many markets compared to FL they have a bigger challenge to attract loyal passengers
So, you know the data, but won't post it. Does it perhaps indicate that WN's doing OK in comparison to DL?...
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since you asked for the most recent quarter:

for ATL-LAX, DL has 2/3 of the local market; FL/WN has 20.6%. WN and FL's average fare is the same and is 76% of DL's.

For ATL-MDW, FL had 43.2% of the local market, WN had 21%, and DL had 36%. FL's average fare was 60% of DL's but WN's was 93% of DL's.

For LGA, DL had 62% share of the local market while FL had 20%; WN's share was negligible. FL's average fare was 66% of DL's.

Yes, FL and WN's average fares have been below DL's. WN is moving the average fare up but the share has not climbed... but the WN/FL restructuring is still not finished.

thus, my question of how WN is doing is relevant.
And how do F and Y-Up fares influence the average fare data?

I pulled some DB1B as well. Apparently DL carried nobody in the ATL-AUS market for the entire 4Q2013?...

That's why I don't use DB1B.
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