SWA's future growth pinpoints 3 areas including international


Oct 23, 2010
An interesting read here.  SWA is still very confident about the DAL outcome. I guess AA is feeling the pinch a little more than originally planned with the W/A going away and the growth at DAL.  SWA really needs to get some planes quick so they can grow into new markets.  The 3% mentioned in 2015 for DAL (I assume) is if SWA is successful at attaining full control of the 18 gates.  Not really sure what will happen if SWA does not get the gates to the 3% growth.  I have heard rumors of handling 11 flights per gate if required to...
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Not sure if it's just AA feeling the pinch, or domestic softness. We'll know in a couple of weeks when the 2Q earnings start coming out.

Also, I'd beware of Adam Levine-Weinberg's pieces. The disclaimer here says he holds no positions in the stocks mentioned, but just last week it read "Adam Levine-Weinberg owns shares of The Boeing Company, Hawaiian Holdings, and United Continental Holdings, and is long January 2017 $40 calls on Delta Air Lines, and long November 2015 $40 calls on American Airlines Group."

Either he unloaded his long calls on AAL, or he's lying in his disclaimer.
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traffic reports for June are starting to come in and there continues to be traffic and yield softness....

kind of blows the DOJ's accusation that carriers are systematically colluding to reduce capacity but also says that WN's capacity growth was half tied to DAL - which analysts have recognized is a unique opportunity - but half of WN's capacity growth is elsewhere.

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