The writing is on the wall.



Over the past several years, I''ve seen many developements that tell me that the day of the good airline job will soon be a thing of the past for many of us.
Agents are being replaced by automatic check in machines. These machines cannot handle problems or answer questions. They are useless in case of OSO, and provide no warmth or special customer service. The agents left over after the layoffs will be swamped with endless lines of angry customers who want help and answers.
F/A jobs are at a minumum with meal service being eliminated on many routes.
Over the past few years DL and CO have contracted out their ramp at my station. These contractors have a revolving door, and can go through many employees a year. many quiting before they ever get trained enough to do the job right.
UAL is wanting the BK judge to throw out it''s union contracts. If they get that done, they want to contract out all their heavy maintenance. WN saves about 50% by contracting out all their heavy maintenance.
These are just a few of the things that look bad for our industry. We already have many on layoff, that will probably never be recalled. Airlines other than WN and JB, look at their employees as liabilities rather than assets. Everyone should be considering what their next job will be.
A lot of what you said is true.(mabey the agents wish they voted YES)!!
Minus some(too many) layoffs at all work groups,here are my predictions.( AND IF I"M WRONG, I"LL BE THE FIRST ONE TO PRINT A RETRACTION) !!!!!!!!!!!!

(the "trick" here, is to stay full time(if possible) no matter what. This applies to you, me, or anyone(again, if possible. Meaning if you get bumped, then transfer !!)


1. AA WILL NOT go BK(GWB CAN'T allow the #1 to go down, because he's looking forward to re-election)
2. Ask your self why "ONLY" the TAJ MAHAL(JFK) project is "full steam ahead" ?
3. Why are the "limey's" being so SUDDENLY co-operative ?
(answer: BA is scared to death that AA will bolt to LH/star allience if UA goes CH 7. If "that" does'nt happen, then AA/BA FINALLY becomes a reality, and pays off "BIG" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Crandall was recently quoted as saying that AA/TWA (something dear to YOUR heart) will SOON start paying off BIG. We all know how good Uncle Bobby "batting average is"

So there you have it, Bags. If a person can keep full time, AND BE WILLING TO X-FER, then even though AA will have a somewhat different look, the job will still be around.

Back to Crandall for a second. It was back in the early 90's that he wanted to get out of flying domestic, or just have all the employees in places like,
BOS,JFK,LGA,EWR,DCA,MIA,SJU,ORD,DFW,LAX,SFO and SEA. By my count that is ONLY "12" cities. Add in a huge A/E network, and the biggest and best INTERNATIONAL route system.

Looks like ol' "uncle bobby's" vision is not too far away.

Time will tell .

The flip side(obviously) is, that if a person does'nt want to leave home, then "OH well" !!


AAquila(on another post), just made a brilliant point.
The GOP just named NYC, as It's convention site, in 2004.

Right around the time the "TAJ MAJAL" (JFK) will be ready.

This will be ANOTHER instance, of AA "being in the right place, at the right time".

I swear, It's scary. Talk about an "airline", with 9 lives.