Time to approach your Senators and Representatives


Aug 21, 2002
Hello all fellow employees--or at least former employees and friends. Yes, I got a chance to retire and am now employed but I still feel that I''m due something from the Federal Government. Here''s why---they are willing to bail out the airlines, but what about the employees and---how many times have we written letters to Congress to help out the airlines.
Sure you''ll get furlough pay, unemployment and be able to get what little is left of your 401k but what about a tax break for us???
I for one would like to see some kind of help for the agents. It''s time to bombard your reps for assistance. Can we band together this time to get something for ourselves???
Your right.
Which is why I'll NEVER understand why , to this day, that the MAJORITY of ALL (USA) commercial Pilots, keep voting for those Republican "*SSHOLES"

I wonder how the pilots of US and UA feel now, about the "R" lever they pulled in 2000.
That goes for all the other work groups , as well !!!

Or how any AMT could have voted for Elizabeth Dole, who was Secretary of Transporation under Reagan who changed the FARs to permit US owned and based aircraft to be overhauled anywhere in the world!
because three days later the airlines got $5 billion in tax dollars free and clear and $10 billion in loan gaurantees and the 100,000 laid off airline employees got 13 extra weeks of unemployment.
Why do you feel that the government owes you anything? There are reasons that they are willing to help the airlines as a company, but not the individual employees. You get your 401k, pension, and unemployment if you need it. That is more than many people who get laid off or "furloughed" ever get. Part of the problem with this country's economy is too many people want something for nothing, or money for nothing. If you want money, go out and earn it, don't rely on the rest of the country to pay your way more than they already do.
I am not Blaming anyone!!! Where did you get that from. I retired because of an office closing and didn't want to chance being relocating and sent even someplace else without a chance to get back home. I saw my 401k knocked in half and wanted a chance to get it out while there was still some left. I got out and got a job with a travel agency--because I'm good at travel stuff. Started out at $11.00 and hour and gotn a raisento $12.00 an hour. Now my owner wants me to work on commission only---45% of the commission paid by tour operators---okay so ifn we go to war there won't be any commissions cause no one will be flying. The only thing I'm asking for is a tax break and no penalty for taking out my 401k. I don't think any President wants to see over 14000 airline workers on welfare. I'm just asking that all airline employees put on furlough or retired because of the situation write your congressman or woman and voice our wants and needs--that's my right as an American---and a native American

I don't give a goddamn if you are a chairman's preferred. Lose the condescending attitude. We are not clueless nimwits that need to be instructed on the ways of the world.

As a (soon to be furloughed) employee, I appreciate your business. Most of the time, I enjoy your perspective on this board. But do not presume to tell me or any of my fellow employees how we should feel about having our careers and lives yanked out from under us. Venting a little on an aviation message board is a harmless way to deal with all this garbage. End of rant.
Republican this, Democrat that. It doesn't matter. The average politician only cares about our plight when it's election time, regardless of their party affiliation.
Normally the things that Piney says on here do nothing but totally p**s me off. However, on this subject (even though this is painfull to say) I have to agree. The point behind my original reply to this string was this: This is the United States of America, a nation founded on freedom and the right to pursue something better. The government granted an extension to the unemployment benefits since the economy WAS so bad and jobs WERE hard to find in some parts of the country, however that has changed. That was something that they did not have to do nor was it something that any of us were "owed". Notice also that no other workgroup in this country has EVER gotten the kind of preferential treatment that laid off airline workers are getting. There has never been an instance when mass layoffs led to an extension of unemployment benefits, government led training efforts, and governement led job locating efforts. Perhaps not all areas of the country were as lucky as some, but where I am the feds and state government did provide those opportunities for us, but to help us, not because it was owed to us. The only thing we are guaranteed is freedom, anything else you have to earn.

To hit on another reply to this string... I normally agree with UAL777, but in this instance I disagree. You can tell a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. I realize that this is not a political forum, however I can with upmost certainity state that the Democrats are the ones yelling "write our congressional reps and our Senators for we are owed more for this, it's not our fault". Also, all Republicans are not "big business". That was very evident after the votes to give help to the laid off workers.

Keep in mind as well, that any tax breaks given to laid off or "furloughed" airline employees will not be received well by the rest of the country, or by some airline employees either. Any reduction in fiscal responsibilty in the form of tax cuts to one group will have to be made up in the form of tax hikes to individuals and corporations.

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