Trump Polling

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And at a Trump rally, they need to hold on to their AND their daughter's pus-y because Trump has a tendency to grab more than hands when he meets "beautiful". No worries if the wife and daughters are fat pigs though.
That's what was said by Trump under a secret recording. But we know that Billdo actually commited multiple acts, was impeached and lost his law license. The Hildabeast attempted the cover-up with lies and disparaging of the victims.

Big difference, but not to the libtarded.
Hey ' HackJOB '.
Here's " Two Words / Nothing Left " for you.


Hahahahahahahahaha !
Gramps, did they serve some whiskey at the rest home today?

As of today, Hildabeast is tanking fast. She had about 50 people at her Flailing Together rally in FLA. Huma Weiner is hiding in Iran, Dirty Harry is sniveling about Comey, and Donny Brasilnuts has the DNC cracking.

Looks like a libtard straight jacket in the rubber room for Gramps Nov 9.

Snicker ;)
TAMPA (The Borowitz Report)—Infused with a sense of urgency as Election Day nears, the Trump campaign has enlisted President Vladimir Putin, of Russia, to appear with the Republican nominee in a dizzying array of swing-state rallies over the weekend.

Putin will be the most visible Trump surrogate in the final weekend of the campaign, as he tries to fire up voters in Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, and Nevada.

The Russian President seemed to relish the warm response he got at his first Trump rally, in Tampa, where he led the crowd in a raucous chant of “Lock her up.”

Trump praised Putin’s talent for politics by noting that he had won the Russian election in 2012 by a landslide. “He got sixty-four per cent of the vote, and no one else even came close,” Trump said. “He’s terrific.”
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