TWA res migration into SABRE

Aug 20, 2002
Those of you who peruse the US forum will know that the carrier recently integrated the US Sabre res system with the old HP QIK/SHARES system. You will also know that the "mirgration" was a disaster in many ways.

Leaving aside the issue of QIK/SHARES being vastly inferior to Sabre, there were many problems with the integration itself: "Lost" PNRs, E-tkt's not "in sync", very poor training, and more. I'd like to ask this forum's posters about their recollections of the switch from TWA's res system (sorry, I don't recall the name, PARS?) with SABRE in 2001.

(Has it really been that long.)
I don't recall any of the sort of problems that US/HP had with migrating either TW or QQ into Sabre. Perhaps OC had a few more issues, but I wasn't around then.

Sabre and PARS are essentially the same file structure at the core, (as are Sabre and Apollo/Galileo), so migrating data between the two systems wasn't as complicated.

I think the bigger problem was that both airlines migrated -- EDS created a new partition within Shares B for the combined US, so not only did they lose stuff from Sabre, they also lost some stuff from the HP partition in Shares.
As a former TWA pilot I think the switch went fairly smoothly. It was like switching from our Windows 57 to AA's Windows 57. When we were about to switch from Pars/Cams to Sabre we were sent to a class (mine was at Hanger 12 at JFK) and given enough info to get our flight paperwork. The switchover actually went pretty smoothly.

I jumpseat on USair commuting and I notice the agents bitching about the AWA system. They say they can't do certain things that they could do on Sabre. I think their biggest problem is lack of training.
It's not just inadequate training... There's a sizable gap in functionality, and not everything that was previously automated in Sabre has a manual workaround in Shares.