Twu Vs Amfa

Bob Owens

Sep 9, 2002
The debate between AMFA and the TWU, as far as mechanics are concerned should boil down to this;

ALL MECHANICS IN ONE UNION vs mechanics being split up between various unions that are not even aviation unions.

All the stuff about Democracy in unions really becomes unimportant when things are going well for the workers. I dont think that the question of all being in one union is debatable. How could any union argue that mechanics are better off being split up and a silenced minority in unions that could care less about our class and craft? We do not see ALPA looking to merge with the TWU. Nor do we see the Carpenters looking to merge with the IAM. The fact is if you have a skill you can better serve your profession as a unified voice with everyone else who offers the same skills. Pilots do it. Carpenters do it. Plumbers do it. Electricians do it. Its time for mechanics to do it. In fact all airline workers have counterparts in other airlines that have similar skills yet they usually belong to unions that are crafted along corporate lines instead of the type of work they do or even the industry they are in.

Can anyone out there say that airline workers, whether they are mechanics, baggage handlers, flight attendants or ticket agents that the current structure of unionism in this industry has protected their standard of living effectively? Clearly there has been a failure and our leaders come up with nothing but excuses, while they enjoy six figure incomes at our expense.

As mechanics we are lucky enough to have a choice. We can chose to stay where we are and hope that the Sonny Halls and Jim Little will metamorpf into leaders (since we do not have the right to remove them) who will fight for us or start anew with an entirely new organization for mechanics.
Here ye, Here ye...

"so let it be written, so let it be done"

Oops, I forgot, there likely will be NO debate, the cowards wont show!
I also seriously doubt they will show but, they said they would and I believe everything they say. LMAO

Here is my prediction. The TWU will send stuff in the mail and run around the bases until everyone is so sick of it they will puke. Then will come vote time and the TWU boys will run around like Chicken Little’s with their heads cut of saying “We are aheadâ€￾ “We are winning at the pollsâ€￾ “We have defeated the AMFAâ€￾.

Hmmm. you say: how can they speak with their heads cut off??? They will be speaking out their arse like usual, that’s how. BWAAHAHAHA

Don't settle for AMFA-LITE when you can have the REAL THING. AMFA NOW!!!
As mechanics we are lucky enough to have a choice

I agree, but if it were a real choice an election would have already happened. If the TWU really were democratic they would not hesitate to provide this option.

Again I ask all of you Veterans of the Service, where is the democracy you fought for?

Does your sacrifice have no meaning?