United To Recall All Flight Attendants


Sep 19, 2004
From Onboard Service Sr. VP Jane Allen's weekly message:

"With load factors expected to remain very high, we are recalling all of the remaining flight attendants from voluntary furlough no later than November 30 of this year. This early recall will also help us make up for higher than planned flight attendant attrition.

Today we announced the early recall of 600 flight attendants with an effective date of August 9. We also announced that we will recall all of the remaining 851 flight attendants who are on voluntary furlough in phases. Those report dates will vary, with the last group returning to the line no later than November 30, 2005.

That means that there will be no more flight attendants on voluntary furlough as of the end of November, yet we anticipate needing to add to our flight attendant ranks in 2006. Thus, I'm happy to announce that we will be back in the new hire business. We are preparing to recruit candidates in the fourth quarter for new hire classes beginning in January. They will begin to join you on the line in the month of March.

This is great news for all of you, for the Onboard Division, and for the company. With the arrival of new hires you can look forward to more transfer activity and to improving your seniority. For some of you it will mean leaving reserve behind and finally becoming a line holder. It is truly an exciting turn of events, and I'm thrilled to be the first to share this wonderful news with you. "

UniTED has to hire off the street to replace all the furloughed F/A's that didn't or won't take the re-call, the smart ones. And probably to replace the older F/A's that have taken their retirement early. And yes F9 just hired a bunch of F/A'S, and we are always looking for more.

Dave, since I left UniTED in FEB of 2003 I have had NOTHING but a GREAT LIFE back home with DENVERS ONLY HOME TOWN AIR LINE FRONTIER :up:

And to Scot the moderator: here they go with the personal attacks again.

UnitedChicago: All of Fish's behavior can be traced back to the fact that he has a small penis! This guy has NEVER SEEN MY PENIS :shock:

I didn't attack any of them just said that I PITTY anyone who goes to work for UniTED Airlines.
mrfish3726 said:
I didn't attack any of them just said that I PITTY anyone who goes to work for UniTED Airlines.

The tone of your numerous comments ARE provocative, Fish. You incite, provoke, and inflame and it's so tired. You are not funny, nor amusing. You do not contribute to intelligent discussion or debate. Your comments undermine the people of United who, throughout much adversity over the course of the past 4 years continue to come to work and perform as the aviation professionals that they are. You are an annoyance. I am sure the drivel that comes out of your mouth repels members of the opposite sex...so go play with that small penis yours.

Good night.


I don't incite anymore than the UniTED members do on other boards! And I surely don't make personal attacks the way the UniTED members do.

I was once a member of UAL HELL, and know what UniTED management dishes out to their employees. I just don't know how you all can stand to get screwed over and over again. First the EFLOP, the seamless contracts, your pensions being thrown in the trash and now more promises of prosperity ahead. It's amazing that you all still support that 75-year-old rhetoric. :down:

Just like the old timers told me when I joined on at LAX. Nothing will EVeR change at UniTED. We have done it this way for 50 years, and nothing has ever changed! I saw that, and it still shows TODAY!
mrfish3726 said:
Nothing will EVeR change at UniTED. We have done it this way for 50 years, and nothing has ever changed! I saw that, and it still shows TODAY!
If UA is such a lost cause, what are you hoping to accomplish here?
Moderator SCOT or whomever...I move to take the FISH out of water and let him dry out for awhile. The gonad comment was entirely UNACCEPTABLE!
If Mr. Fish continues to act like a child and post comments that basically "rub it in" when there's a negative UA article or take a positive UA article (i.e. FA recall) and basically make immature comments like "I pitty the new hires" - then I feel it's entirely fair for me and others to post replies within his established childish context (i.e. Fish has a small penis).

Moderators - is this really the level of postings you wish to allow?

HIT SOME NERVES I GUESS! The moderators have e-mailed me when they think I am out of line and I respect their posts. You guys are incredible! HEY if the truth hurts so be it! There is nothing wrong with warning potential NEW HIRES that they could be making the mistake of they're lives going to work at a place like UniTED :down:.

And BTW 787, should I post the personal threats that you have made against me time and again? Your lucky I didn't have you removed off here like your pal RONIN! :shock:

And I did ask the moderators to tell FLY to cool her porno pics that she thinks are so FUNNY! I will NEVER STOP BASHING UniTED AIR LINES till they change their EVIL WAYS! I don't think that there is anything wrong with that???? :down:
You admit crying to the moderators after people react to your flames?!? :lol: You need help dude.
Folks -- just use the "ignore button" and just ignore MrFish. Then he can attempt to needle and rile as much as wants and no-one will be bothered.