UnPaid Sick time WITH A DR''S NOTE>>


Oct 10, 2002
Off sick for 2 days, had my PCP FAX in a note to my Sta Mgr-
I WAS NOT PAID,SINCE the note DID NOT SAY WHAT my illness was and what prevented me from coming into work!

Can you believe that crock of crap!

This Comp is messed up..

I called the nurse and she mentioned it''s none of his business!

AMEN here is HIS number and call him and by the way it''s US Air.

This company----gggrrrrr.....may they all rot...
Most people I talk to at work say their doctors despise this company and all of it''s B.S. I have heard that some say they will sign anything because they do not like the hassle they are put through.
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Forgot to mention, it''s called PATIENT PRIVACY!

Something USELESS AIR knows nothing of ,X-cept when it comes to "taking" from the employees!
I am still fighting with the FAMILY LEAVE thing.
unreal. My PCP said the paperwork was complete as it was and that it was not needed to waste her time to look at it again.
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Hi Fast,
welcome to the other side..

Great to read a familiar post.
are you In phl?

If I remember I think you are.

One of our leads will be there as an agent..
When we go x-press next week..

You should see the group of new hires.
One said to me"I''m here for the Perks!"
And i said, this is NOT AN EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY company.and I meant that..

Just wait. There will be a revolving door..

Nice to see you here...
On 6/3/2003 9:20:58 PM fast wrote:

...WHAT perks are they giving? flying bennies?
They will see you cannot afford to go anywhere.


Not only that, but flights to/from anyplace worth visiting are all full anyway.
Golden...You do have the rights of a Doctor-Patient Relationship. You note stated that you had an illness , that is enough said...Call Labor Relations and talk to someone there and I''m sure you will get it PAID.

If the company doesn''t think this is a "bona fide" reason, then the Mgr. should have the integrity to say so. They can ask for a Doctors note at anytime, I still have the one in my wallet they asked for in 2002. Seems I forgot to give it to them..

You gave them a reason when you called in sick, so what seems to be the problem..? You can''t deny a person his sick time payments if he/she follows all the guidelines and an "essay" from the Doctor is NOT in the guidelines.

The note is telling USAirways you are being treated for an illness you had/have that has caused you to miss work.

Abuse of sick time is another story and they will get real CS.
yeah its me.And yes I am here.
Things are a mess here.
Firing folks right and left. Good managers throwing in towels because they wont punish us anymore. Just sad.
How many are coming?
WHAT perks are they giving? flying bennies?
They will see you cannot afford to go anywhere.
Golden--why not run it by a lawyer??? Or the labor commission. Seems that this is PRIVACY POLICY and they need to understand this. Heck what do they do in res when someone says they''re on a medical emergency fare and the hospital won''t give out even the name of the patient or admit that they''re there??If we give the pax a break what about the employees. Just for the sake of it what do the people with aids recently diagnosed put on their FMLA?? Bet they have a large group of people to back them when they don''t want the company to know they have aids!!! Heck, I didn''t want the company knowing I''m diabetic and have asthma. They''d say I''m high risk!!!
This is an issue that''s caused my doctor to fly into a rage. He refuses, flat out refuses to give out any more information on a doctor''s note other than "Under my care for illness, unable to work --dates--. Able to return to full time work without restriction on --date--.

His view, rightly so, is that medical records are confidential. It''s my impression he feels strongly enough about this to go to court over it, if necessary.

I rarely call in sick but always get a note when I do, just in case there''s any question.

Anyone else hearing the horror stories of the Company denying time off for non-elective surgeries? If so, please report them your union and the Labor Relations Board.

What a shame we''ve been reduced to this. The company would rather have us come in sick, spread germs or viruses to our coworkers and possibly our customers. Where is the common the sense?

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Dea Certe,
I told the Secy of all people, it''s called IBS-and you are in the b-room all day.
Her mouth did not open.

If they deny me 2days pay,that means I still have those 2 sick days,next time I will TAKE 4...

I will call the union this morning..

I guess the self sickness note is system wide. We sent a copy to the CWA and they have not responded yet.
As a former FA turned res agent turned furloughed employee that now works for a very large health insurance company.. I can tell you with certainty that by asking for your doctor to reveal what you were sick with, US is violating in a large way HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). If they persist in knowing why and what the sickness was then you should contact a lawyer as well as ask your doctor who it is in your area you should contact in regards to violations of that law as it differs from state to state.

On another small note.. I normally agree with Bob on most issues but did want to comment on this one. If people had not taken advantage of the bereavement and medical emergency fares, airlines would not have to "grill" passengers on the issue. I can remember quite vividly a call I got close to Thanksgiving of 1998 where a gentleman that sounded about college age was trying to book from LGA to MIA on a bereavement fare. When I apologetically told him none were available and quoted the best fare we had, he replied; "Well that sucks, my grandma said if I told you she was dead you''d give me a cheap flight". I realize that this paragraph was a little off topic and I apologize, but did want to voice my feelings on that.

Back to the sick pay issue, fight it long and fight it hard. They will get tired of it eventually and cave in one way or another. It was brought up about FMLA and HIV. Well spoken from experience, a "friend" was in just that situation. The things they put the person through were unbelievable. They even wanted notes and test results from 4 different doctors in addition to the company appointed doctor, but good luck not missing work to get that done. At one point the HR rep (which was really just a res sup because they took turns each month being "HR") advised them they needed to submit to random blood draws?! The list of crazy crap they wanted and tried to do goes on, but in the end it took a lawyer and a lawsuit to be filed before they granted it. Hopefully it doesn''t get to that point for you.
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I left a message with my union rep-CWA,and another message with the NLRB..

I did call my Dr''s off this morn and the nurse had mentioned
in Dr''s note-employer does NOT NEED TO KNOW THE NATURE OF THE ILLNESS>>

The employees of this company better wake up and START PUTTING PRESSURE on USAIR...They Will Not Push The Employees around Any Longer-they WILL NOT WITH ME>>

When the tough get going, GIVE EM''HELL>>