Aug 27, 2002
U press release:

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 5, 2003 -- US Airways announced today that it will resume nonstop service with two daily nonstop flights between Reagan Washington National airport and Kansas City, Mo. Flights will be operated using Boeing 737-300 aircraft, and will begin on Oct. 27, 2003.

Flight Schedule
Depart Washington Arrive Kansas City
8:55 a.m. 10:49 a.m.
2:45 p.m. 4:16 p.m.

Depart Kansas City Arrive Washington
10:30 a.m. 1:46 p.m.
5 p.m. 8:12 p.m.

These flights will serve as a convenient link on an important business route for our customers in both communities, said Daniel M. McDonald, US Airways vice president of planning and scheduling.

US Airways currently serves Kansas City four times daily from Charlotte, N.C., and three times daily from both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. US Airways Express carrier Air Midwest serves six destinations in Kansas, Arkansas and Nebraska from Kansas City.

US Airways is offering triple Dividend Miles for travel between Washington, D.C., and Kansas City, Oct. 27, 2003-Jan. 31, 2004. Members must register before departure at or by calling 1-800-872-4738 and entering bonus request 6547.

This offer is applicable on published adult fares on US Airways nonstop or direct flights between Reagan Washington National airport and Kansas City. This offer may not be combined with other flight bonus offers. Retroactive mileage credit will not be given prior to registration. All Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply.

US Airways, the US Airways Express carriers and US Airways Shuttle provide service to nearly 200 destinations worldwide, including 37 states in the U.S. In the Caribbean, US Airways serves Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Cancun, Cozumel, Grand Bahama Island, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Montego Bay, Nassau, Providenciales, Punta Cana, San Juan, Santo Domingo, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and St. Croix. US Airways Express also serves North Eleuthera, Governors Harbour, Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay from select cities in Florida. In Canada, US Airways serves Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. US Airways’ European destinations are Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Manchester, Munich, Paris, Rome and Shannon.

Reporters needing additional information should contact US Airways Corporate Affairs at (703) 872-5100.
It was nice to see "resumed" service appropriately labeled as such, and not called "new sevice".
You know what kills me about these press releases is they always state how "important" the route is to connect the business communites to DCA. If it was so damned "important" then why did they leave the market to begin with.

Dave....if you're's time to turn some furniture over in CCY and throw out some of the dated staff. They've been around since the US/PI/PSA merger and we all know how well they've done up to this point. Maybe if you promoted from the lower ranks you might just get some people from the front lines that actually know what works and what doesn't and THEN you may turn a profit and begin to repair some of the demolished fences. If you want a place to start how about going down the hall to good ol' A.C. from PSA fame and give him some of the same treatment he's given out over the years unless of course you happen to be former PSA.

It is good to know that someone other than myself realizes the things that ole A.C. from psa has done to demoralize the ramp. He is still riding around with his psa good ole boys in the front seat, while those of us from USAir and Piedmont are in the trunk. It is time that someone with the balls to do something about it, woke up and sent him packing with his 15 years of psa favoritism. The rampers can't stand it. He is as welcome here as schofield and wolf are.
Hopefully one day soon they will bring back or add new destinations west of the Mississippi. There is a lot of money to be made with point to point flying. The hub and spoke system is good if your hubs aren't to close together. When they are close together, to much business is lost because of competing with ourselves for passenger traffic. USAir should try more triangle flying, such as MCO-CLT-SFO-MCO, BOS-TPA-LAX-BOS, LGA-DCA-PHX-LGA, or SEA-PHL-MIA-SEA. There are all types of feasible combinations that could be great money makers for us. Someone just needs balls enough to give them a try!
On 8/5/2003 2:52:57 PM BDLDFW wrote:

It was nice to see "resumed" service appropriately labeled as such, and not called "new sevice".

Will this be our new Midwest mini-hub for funneling pax into UA DEN and points West? How much of a presence has UA got here?
Truly remarkable! As far as I can discern, US's resumed DCA-MCI non-stop service is not a kneejerk reaction to an new service announcement by another airline -- and it will even be oprerated by mainline equipment!