When Would Now Be A Good Time To Talk?

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PSA1979 said:
700UW says "Shut it down if that is what it will take, no more givebacks!"

What will that accomplish? We'll show them? 28,000 more people out of work? This is my company too. I want to know what the new plan is. I want My Union leaders to go back and talk to management. I want to decide if I think this new plan is livable. They represent me and owe me an explanation. They work for me and all the other union members at this company.

Full pay til the last day and then what? No pay for 10 years? Unemployement until it runs out? If Pitbull thought most of the f/a's were ready to file bankruptcy now based on such low wages, what will they do if there is no paycheck coming.

Come on people, this is our company, let's hear what they have to say and make decisions based on intelligence, not emotion.

Been here too long to shut this or any company down, let's help make it profitable!!
PSA 1979,

Tell Dave you want to see the plan. This is not the union's plan nor is it the union leadership's plan. It is this mangement that refuses to share the information with its employees. While you are at it, can you ask this managment why they
continue to violate all labor contracts on this property and THESE WERE THEIR PROPOSALS??????

How quickly you all forget. Pittsburgh F/As turned the "winter concessions DOWN", they have screamed loudly to the leadership...NO MORE for any more concessions; THEY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE RISKS.

If you have the gutts, write a letter to PHL/PHW flight attendants who know you so well, you just may have some influence. What do you think?
Smoke and Mirrors said:
With all due respect, you clearly do not have any idea concerning the union leaders. If the labor leaders have knowledge of the plan, as you report, then they should report to their membership. The union BOD representatives have knowledge of this plan but are bound by confidentiality agreements.
Maybe, you could be perhaps a U BOD member???????????????????????????

You have cited our contracts and language quite often for some so called "outsider".

You post above words that have come out of Dave's mouth. Only the U employees have heard them.

The "new business plan" IS NOT LABOR PLAN. It shuld not come from the mouth's of the leadership. It should come from the mouth of Dave, the CEO of this company to all the employees.

And while he is at it, he needs to present the additonal bonus suspensions, perks, and managment consolidation that they are planning as well. Concessions start from the TOP!
usfliboi said:
The sad thing here is!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant point to one LIE that Dave has committed. You cant name one reason why he shouldnt be ceo.... If dave wasnt doing what hes doing(pissing little alpa and afa and iam off) then he would be asked to leave for lack of givebacks. Its so funny just a few months ago i recall massive breaks within unions calling for their leaders to leave. Dave stand your ground and gut what u have to and make this work. If you listen to some of these kids they dont care anyway .
I will be kind and not call him a liar.

Disingenuous is what first comes to mind. In his statments to labor, He first misrepresented who he was and his team and conveyed "labor friendliness" and was not forthright with the Pilots on their pension issue on Dec. 8 when they had a tentative agreement, or IAM with the outsourcing issue, or AFA with the "time balance system" or the "sick pay penalty" or the voluntary furlough langage, or the PIT Hub issue, when at the road show summer of 2002 he stated at the hanger to a union leader that the downsizing of Pittsburgh Hub would only be 8%....and they ended up termianting lease agreements 20 minutes before emerging from BK only AFTER the state representatives assisted USAirways to secure an ATSB loan approval while in BK. And when he stated that in order to pervent a BK that all labor groups had to give concessions, and then, turned around and danced into a voluntary BK on August 11, 2002, and desimated employee stock inaddition to the $1billion in concessions. He stated in the summer of 2002 that he only sought concessions to qualify for an ATSB loan guarantee, pension relief, and RJ relief to fight the insurgence of LCC. After he got what he demanded in August, two months later he insisted and required $200-300 million more in concessions or "liquidation". He said he would not ask for w-2 concessions, but productivity enhancements and work rule changes in order to have the cost saving necessary to emerge from BK and qualify for an ATSB loan. By the time we got to the table, the requests had changed and 5% deferral was on the table along with additonal increases in medical which are "direct hits" on W-2s, along with all the benefit, workrule changes that were MORE devistating to employees than concession #1. Then he went and took staffing to FAA Minimums on the planes and had 6 more furloughs within this past year alone. Along with displacements and adding meals on the planes for our group alone to sell (3 different meals with more inventory, less personel. Yes, we are extremely productive and have given more. We are a LCC with a full service product. Dave's recent stealing of more cost savings with no negotiations is the ACAR changes that directly effects every single flight crew member to the tune of approx. 6 hours per month on average. Every crew member will have to work an extra day to make up this time.

Lies....... no. More like fabrications, exagerations, misrepresentations, and omissions of their true intent. "Share holder value vs. human value.

Difference with SW is that their managment regards the value of employees as a significant part of the business equation, and the increase in "share holder value" is a consequence of that synergistic respectful relationship between their mangment and employees for the last 30 years now and going strong.

U's managment "steamed rolled" over that concept and went right to increasing "share holder value" interests without honoring the "human value " part of the equation. That is why no plan will work. Industrial psych 101.

I repeat: Those who give up essential liberties for a little safety; deserve neither liberty or safety---Ben Franklin
You know, I watch this board every day, I typically don't post, but today, I will....

Who am I you ask? I'm your customer, passenger, pain in the rear, what ever you want to call me.

I have a unique perspective, I am an outsider looking in trying to figure out what's going on and what the future of the company might be, but I'm also a former employee as well who has been on the inside. No I wasn't furloughed, I left of my own accord a few years ago, during the hayday of MetorJet, the Shuttle and an express mini hub at IAD.

While the Daves may have made some questionable decisions, I (and many other customers) really don't think that the mess that US is in is really their fault. After all, it wasn't the Daves who came up with Parity +1% pay to take what was already the most expensive workforce in the airline industry and make it higher, or signed an ungodly lease for PIT was it? Dave was brought in by one of the very people who caused the issue in the first place and told here you go, you have crap, now make it smell like roses, the Wolf jumped ship leaving Dave to clean up his mess.

So what's my point? Try working together!! One of the biggest things I remember from working is that no one was a US Airways employee. Everywhere I turned, I ran into someone who was a Piedmont, PSA or USAir employee. Never did I really ever run into a US Airways employee, you know the people who work for now? The companies (Piedmont, PSA and USAir) all merged, but none of the employees noticed. Guess what, that's the past, stop living in it! Live in the present and hope for a future. If you don't at least listen to Management or give them a chance, you won't have a future. If management doesn't have a sound plan, help them fix it! If you don't and keep up with "The concession stand is closed" lingo, you won't get any support from the people like me, your passenger. Because there are choices US isn't the only airline in most markets. You are among the best people in the sky, it's time you start showing that you are. Be the bigger person, come up with a viable solution and present it to management, maybe they'll listen. You never know until you try. And if the union leaders don't represent the masses, don't you think it might be time for new ones? Just a thought.

Your last sentence is the only time I have agreed with you on anything in a very long time.

Aviation Newbie,

Aviation Newbie states: You are among the best people in the sky, it's time you start showing that you are. Be the bigger person, come up with a viable solution

PITbull states: I can't believe you said that. As a passenger to assume that Labor did not step up to the concession plate twice in 1 year along with 20,000 jobs sacrificed, is a profound insult to the employees who serve you, sir.
I'm somewhat baffled why this battle is yet again being fought in public. Actually, I'm somewhat disappointed it's still a battle at this point. Regardless of who is right, wrong, whatever, both Siegel and Pollock look silly communicating via the press instead of one-on-one.

Mangement needs to institue a business plan that will entail:

1. Rationalizing, and simplifying the fare structure.
2. Roll the Hubs using the RJs (Rjs entire premise was to combat the LCC insurgence)
3. Increase the utilization of the a/cs to fly 12 hours, instead of 10
4. More utilization of the gates.
5. Improve the product, cleaner planes (will have to recall some cleaners)
6. Find more efficient ways to expedite the process from security check to retrieving your luggage.
7. Build bridges with Labor ASAP. Incentivise your employees with policies that create harmony, and productivity.
8. Labor Relations VPs need to go. They do not have the ability to improve employee relations. There services are no longer needed.

These are just basic things managment can do to improve the "bottom line".

If they do this....WE WILL KICK SOUTHWEST'S BUTT OUT OF PHL. WE can do these things right now with no concession discussions at this juncture.

If they continue to go down this same path with labor; we will all perish. That's a reality. We all know the consequences and we know who will take the biggest blow. But what "outsiders" tend to ignore or not put into focus is that a Job is NOT worth having if it does not provide the basics in life to survive. We have many of our employees in all groups that are in this position at present.
BillLumbergh said:
We've got three threads dealing with essentially the same topic.

So, we've merged the three together.

Post away....But, remember, we're watching.

:D :D
hey bill,thought you resigned after the lavman issue...good to see that you're still viable... :up:

Don't hate Dave. Never did, never will. I don't respect his leadership or his team. So, we have a problem with restoration of "faith".

I am not the creator of conflict. Management declared war, Labor is on the defense. Will I tone it down......No.
PITbull said:
pitguy said:
I am getting the feeling management is coming out on the boards in full force.

Can you say "It is my lie and I will tell it how I want".

They are out in "full force". Divide and attempt to conquer. All these new posters are the same old mangement posters who changed their handle names and are posing as union workers.

As if we can't see through this...
Your amazing? JOB ACTION? Paranoid about mght being on the board? DIVIDE AN CONQUER? PLEASE! What do you think your little ole job action would help? Do you really feel that afa /cwa whatever we are now would support such a crazy move? NOT other than the pit......

It is not Labor's position or job duty to come up with new business plans or Business models.

Management is charged with those responsibilities. We as labor have given many suggestions to management, they have ignored or dismissed such ideas.

Just look at these boards.....
I am just a newcomer to this sight and I have found it to be really fascinating. I have read just about everything on here. I am struggling really hard right now with this company (management and union). I see and feel what is happening to be Criminal in all aspects towards this companies employees. We have become very dysfunctional. We are all just a number and no one really cares. I see our moral at an all time low. Many are sitting down on the job and it could eventually result in a major catastrophe. I do feel this latest "game" on Dave's part is just another way keep us on edge and stressed. I feel I have spent the better part of my so called "career" here at USAirways in suspense. I really don't believe Dave has a clue as to what is really going out here on the line, nor does he care. I find that really Pathetic. I don't trust my Union right now and I believe that is Management's doing. I am really appalled at what has been happening to all of us out there trying to make a living. It becomes harder and harder to come to work. I am one who has taken a 38% pay cut and am living no better now, then when I started. That is pathetic. And it is really pathetic when you lose money coming to work. And as a "Newbie" I am already seeing the outsiders who are Posting. As the old saying goes "Walk a mile in my shoes".
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