Where is the APFA T/A?

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
In depth details of the APFA/AAL Restructuring Participation Agreement will soon be posted on the APFA Web site. Due to the unavailability of the company''s legal personnel, the document is not yet complete. APFA is posting this information in an attempt to get as much information to you as quickly as possible. Please understand there may be further clarifications made prior to the final edition, which will be mailed to all members.
At TWU we are voting on fear only. we have NO Language and voting instructions are already being received in the mail.
How does the APFA expect us to vote if they have not published the t/a on the net or elsewhere? Forget getting it to the membership on time! Do any of the other unions have their t/a published or available? If anyone knows what is going on let me know.....
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All that information is available on the web site. There is a packet arriving in a day or so with all the T.A. language. There will be a web cast available at a location at each base on April 9. From Dallas at 12pm CST a meeting with our negotiating team.
Only the summary is available on the website, the specific language is nowhere to be found. I have to say, if I do not have the SPECIFIC language, I will vote no. This is irresponsible of the APFA and the company. I just visited the APA websitte and they not only started the roadshows already, but have published the language!