Will Delta''s formula for Song work

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Aug 22, 2002
After taking a long look at the business plan for Delta''s Song, I am not sure of it''s soundness.
To answer the low fair airlines advantage of lower labor costs they plan on spreading their higher costs over a larger amount of seats. 757 vs 737/717/a321 but at the risk of flooding the markets with too many seats, they must reduce frequency right?
Thats ok for leasure travelers, but business flyers want and need the higher frequency of flights to have more flexible travel plans. If I were a business flyer, I would prefer 10 daily flights on smaller aircraft than 4 or 5 on a larger ones.
It just sounds like DL is just trying to flood the market with seats by calling it being competitive with the same product and then write off all the losses to the econonomy. While at the same time asking for big wage concessions from its employees.
I don''t think this has a formula for success...Maybe it''s not supposed to. Any thoughts?
This is being discussed in the DELTA forum. Please continue your thoughts there. I will move the message to the Song thread.
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