Work groups


Dec 29, 2002
Hello to everyone out there, this is my first attempt at this. I''ve been reading every message on this board for a month now. One thing sticks out to me and should to everyone else WE ALL LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES NOW, lets not keep bashing at one another,whats the the outcome--ZILCH,ZERO,NOTHING. I am furloughed mainline gse and now employed with a wholly owned. I realize that my company time is nothing compared to the vast years of experience that is on the street now. I''ve worked both sides of the street now, and frankly this side is worse than you think. The pay is much less than mainline, $5-8 less to start. And our consessions are on the way, possible 3-4% pay cuts, higher insurance, heck you know the scoop. All this hammering at one another is frankly what the company wants. Remember, each labor group bargaining unit you work in drew up your contracts and you voted them in. So in reality there are no high priced anybodies, only what was bargained for. What about the several Exec. Officers and upper management that are the real fixed expenses each and every pay day??? It was once stated that we must stand behind these agreements or else we will lose them Where is their company loyalty, weather it out with the rest of us and take a fair pay cut and we''ll all come out of the storm together. That is all I presently wanted to say, any input??

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