Where''s the difference


Dec 29, 2002
US AIRWAYS INC in Chapter 11, this is to include all wholly owned companies as well. Why is there so much placed on the terms mainline and commuter. As I read it, by 2008 the only thing that will be flying will be a regional jet service carrier. That does away with those terms, right? So why are the wages so offset from one another. Currently a Piedmont Ground Support Mechanic starts at $11.60 per hour and a US AIRWAYS GSE mechanic with their recent consessionary package will earn $16.01 per hour. The equipment carries the same manufacturers names and requires the same maintenance, but the pay is so much different. Piedmont mechanics were just asked what they thought about a 3-4% pay decrease. The answer so far is how much lower can we go and still survive. Based on that consession, the average ground support mechanic would make after all taxes, insurances and IAM DUES, $6.88 per hour!! I am sure most of you are laughing, but it is possibly becoming reality, or is this going to be a industry standard for the future. The last time I heard, car manufacturers did not pay their plant workers differently based on what division they were making. Just a little food for thought from the other side of the street.