Z seats -- for award travel ..where are they...?


Aug 20, 2002
Talk about stress when checking for award seating for 2 months and not a seat to be had even 3-4 months out....it embarrassing for us, not to mention time consuming...even some flights within 1-2 days of flt that have "AMPLE" availabilty but no z seats..and these are not always premier destination markets. Is Inventory management overwhelmed...this is very upsetting to passengers....believe it or not not all pax want to use premium award or first class...no matter how many miles are in their account..As we search up goes the ATT...
After 245.3456 seconds transfer the call to CSD desk or give the C/A 800 nbr out..you can only work so much and so long with the tools and availibility with which the company provides you, the rest is on their shoulders.
Yet one more perfect example of how the Southwest model works and the "majors model" doesn't.

Want to use your cute little roundtrip voucher you earned by flying 4 roundtrips on Southwest? Call 'em. If there is a seat (any seat) on the flight(s) you want, it is yours. No one EVER complains about not being able to get an award seat on Southwest. Starwood Preferred Hotel Program does this with its hotel program and the people love it!

My favorite is when you call US and ask to get a free coach ticket using miles and they tell you that there are no free coach tickets in the 25,000 mile roundtrip catagory but that for 50,000 miles you can have that exact same free coach seat!!! What a shell game!!! And how many inventory managers and customer service reps and Div. Miles Service center employees does it take to do this? A bunch. How many folks at Southwest does it take to set up the system to look at the load of a particular flight and see an empty seat?