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    AA flight attendants

      I think the APFA is in for a fundamental paradigm shift (with regards to their "importance") with this new management.
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    2014 Pilot Discussion

    Sounds like what the APA leadership said was . . . . USAPA itself thinks that it will continue to be a party to the integration, however, after the NMB finally certifies the APA as bargaining agent (how soon that is, who knows), USAPA becomes irrelevant.   Sounds to me like some gentle...
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    2014 Pilot Discussion

    The AA seniority list was legally settled over 10 years ago. It's not even remotely close to the depth of division and hate at US Airways. We don't want to inherit the kind of blood feud that is rampant now at US Airways.
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    2014 Pilot Discussion

    This kind of malignent disfunction of the US Airways pilot group is of grave concern to the AA pilot group. Does not bode well for an amicable integration.
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    Time to combine the US and AA boards into one board.

    Until the US Airways gets their in-house knock-down-and-drag-out fight over with between their own pilots, I don't want any part of that crap. We've got our problems at AA, but by comparison to US, we look like a love-in.
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    Nov/Dec 2013 Pilot Discussion

    Is the US Airways pilot group as pathetically disfunctional and fragmented as this thread would indicate?   If so, I'm not sure if the APA leadership, which isn't too great itself, has the capability of cleaning up the chaos.
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    August 2013 Pilot Discussion

    Does this mean that by late September this cluster-F will be settled one way or another? Frankly I don't think the APA wants to have anything to do with east or west until it's settled with legal certainty and we don't inherit a gang war.
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    April/May 2013 Pilot Discussion

    What a pathetic, dismal mess the APA is going to have to deal with.
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    Parker's moves so far

    There is no way that the APA is going to go along with USAPA's DOH drivel, especially when there is a arbitrated list already. The APA isn't going to want to touch that with a 10 foot pole. This is going to go to another set of arbitrators for resolution. And do you think they are going to take...
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    MIT Airline Researcher Swelbar Challenges Parker's Merger Proposal

    US Airway's business plan looks like a jewel compared to Horton's "same old thing that hasn't worked for a decade" business plan. Horton's non-plan plan will Chapter 7 AA inside of 2 years. Of course, he'll be gone right after exiting BK, probably with a trunkful of cash and leave others to...
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    Play by Play in courtroom AA wants to settle out of court WTF

    It really doesn't matter. If the Airways deal doesn't go through, AA is finished. Horton, Brundage et al, have zero support from front line employees. They have no sustainable business plan and virtually all the honest analysts confirm that. I think Capt Bates said it best in the Star Tribune ...
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    Senate Republicans Want AMR Pension Break Reconsidered

    No need to be confused. There ain't a lick of difference between the degree of corruption between the D's and the R's. They're all bought and paid for.
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    Additional widebody aircraft

    I'm hearing 7 Triple Sevens is the "Big Announcement." Compared to the elimination of the A300 fleet last year along (35 acft), the "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" is just a drop in the bucket just to get back to acft numbers from not too long ago.
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    One Nation

    Did you see the huge amount of trash and garbage that the One Nation liberal pseudo-environmentalist rally goers left behind on the grounds? Compare the strewn garbage piles that the relatively few people that attended the One Nation left behind, with clean and tidy place that MASSIVE...
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    American Airlines Size

    And if the FAA, in conjunction with the ATA gets their way, pilots will be coerced into flying longer hours and more fatigued. Enjoy that thought.