180° reclining seats for every passenger?

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Oct 19, 2002
There''s much concern these days about the lack of space in airplane seats, and the stress and exhaustion that results from remaining in them for long periods of time.
As a frequent business traveler, I too spent many endless, sleepless nights aboard planes on intercontinental flights, which gave me a lot of time to think about a way to solve this problem. An initial idea took the form of a conceptual design for commercial aircraft passenger cabins, a design that can provide every passenger with a fully reclining seat and far more freedom to move about.
This solution, and the added space that it provides to every traveler, may also help in reducing the number of cases of travel-related DVT, a condition that has been linked to lack of mobility during prolonged periods of time.
I''d like to know what my fellow travelers think of this concept, so if you would like to take a close look at it, I invite you to visit this website:
Have a good flight... and a good night!
What a neat concept. My only concern is how you would evacuate a plane in the required 90 seconds.
It's already here. It's called a private jet. All it takes is money. How much are you willing to pay?
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Thanks for your kind reply!

Regarding your concerns about safety...

In an emergency evacuation, just pax in top-level modules will need to use the ladders, the rest can simply walk out of their modules. Pax manuals will, of course, include precise directions for emergency procedures, leaving the use of ladders only for pax who need them to abandon their modules. Also, clear signs indicating the way to the nearest exit should be placed all along the cabin.
In present configurations it’s not possible to leap over seats, so this leaves just the aisles for evacuation, and we’re positive that the ABH design’s three aisles are an enormous advantage. Also, ABH modules are designed so that pax can move across the cabin—in three levels—and reach other aisles in case one is blocked in an emergency.
All aisles should be equipped with emergency lighting in case of a power failure, and modules can even be equipped with flash lights for every pax. However, I might add that the modules have been designed in such a way as to allow a maximum degree of natural light to go through them.
Plus, ABH modules contribute to protect pax from shocks, flying objects, and fire or spraying of fuels in very much the same way that monocoque-built cockpits of Formula 1 race cars protect the pilots saving their lives in accidents of impressive violence. And there is, of course, the three-point adjustable seat belt.

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