757I Configuration-8 Premium/180 Coach

I totally understand the last post and much makes sense but if the "new" US is to possibly adhere to the sort of f/c or business product AirTran pushes then we should be matching those fares. On city pairs that we compete with the other big guys we should offer the "so-called" f/c class product we push for less money. I used this thought before about the subway ride into town. If you can choose between two different companies to town for the same price, leaving and arriving at the same time, why choose the company with less to offer over the one that offers hmm say a morning paper, juice and a muffin? It's just not good business that we push f/c at the prices we do yet offer MUCH less. Still no reason for it.

Here's the rub. The "new" US may not be targeting the same audience that the old US targeted. Maybe someone in Tempe has determined that the costs of enticing and keeping the CP type customer around does not pay off in the long run. While the old US was in BK, primarily due to lack of cash, they dumped or significantly cut many of the amenities that defined US as a legacy and business traveler airline, and it would appear that they are continuing to "ratchet down" the expectations of DM Preferred members. None of us really know what Tempe has in mind for the new US, but it occurred to me the other day that the plan may be to follow Air Tran's lead and cater to the leisure traveler, while giving just enough amenities to capture a small and profitable segment of the business market.

We all need to remember who is in control now, and that is HP. The HP business model has always been somewhere between Southwest and the legacy carriers, and they have been profitable for the most part with their scheme. As such, I don't think anyone should expect them to keep unprofitable programs that US has been using for many years. It's all about cost control now, and setting expectations that are geared toward the market they are seeking.

Many people on this forum have compared HP to retailer Target. They don't offer WalMart prices on everything, but they have a slightly higher quality product that they can sell for much less than Macy's. I honestly think that is the niche that the new US is going to fill.
like it or not, the new "u" inherited a loyal fflyer customer base whose expectations they should honor. why do the cp members need to become a casualty of this merger? there are now enough genuine lc carriers chasing after cheap seats from the northeast to florida, vegas, and the west coast.
this identity crisis needs to be resolved! if management intends to continue to screw fflyer members, just let them know so they can, justifiably, take their business elsewhere...
I just worked a trip to PLS. I lovingly worked for F/C with my 26 customers. There and back we served beverages and the snack basket. The flight was too short for a movie, so we should the trivia video, which I call the "Distract me from looking for the duct tape" video.

Of course I had a customer say, This is all we get in F/C. I explained to him the direction the company was going in. I told him that I felt the company should rebrand the front as Enhanced Economy. The company should charge no more than $400 over the customers listed price on the lowest ticket price, which is a heck of alot more than the last minute $100, but WAAAAY less than a suggested F/C seat. There should be a cap of never over $750 on any market except for Europe, Asia, or South America...if we should ever go to the last two. The seats could be set at a particular amount or one could upgrade at any time up to departure time for the $400 or price that equals $750.

Join US Airways in ENHANCED ECONOMY and escape the trials of coach with a little more space, a designated lavatory, and individual flight attendant. All with your cocktail of choice and meal on select flights.

The customer LOVED the idea and said he would go for that and that the amount of revenue would be amazing because the cost would fit the product.

Now we deceive customers when we say FIRST CLASS. Our product is NOT F/C, so don't market it as that. But if someone buys Enhanced Economy and they see what they are getting for the price, they will be pleased. To me $400 is worth the privacy alone.

I know you guys will poo-poo this but I don't think any domestic ticket should be over $750.Now THAT is a price and product I feel our FF's could live with.

In the meantime, I jokingly showed this customer my interpretation of US Airways F/C. He got a kick out of it and I shared my idea and definition to others and ALL felt this was an excellent and innovative idea.

F- First on/ First off
I- Individual flight attendant
R- Restroom exclusive
S- Spirits free
T- Tension free...not in coach

That's all we've got.