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B737, No need to say the word 'sorry', I mean I feel like a dunce for omitting LAS. Talk about Originating and DESTINATION passengers, OMG, plus LAS isn't a Hub in the sense that MDW/BWI and DEN are.

Also, a bit of speculation here, (from 'some' rumors i've heard, bouncing around about Frontier and Spirit becoming a single airline). I'd be SHOCKED if Gary Kelly & co. hadn't thought looooong and hard about that possible scenario before they made the huge commitment that they have with regard to DEN, and DEN being frontiers home, and Frontier very likely being the survivor in a hypothetical merger. Your thoughts plz.
Well the former CEO of Airtran is running Spirit, and he was basically minding the store till we bought them, and both Spirit and Frontier have Airbus fleets, so it is possible, I think Bob Fernaro gets a company ready to be merged!
Hey Bears. Denver will be huge. They are still hiring in Denver for mechanics. Matter fact just ran across some more new positions posted recently. We have also been told that SWA will have a hangar soon. Negotiations are on the way for either one of Frontiers or old Continental Hangars I forget which one. Then more hiring of mechanics. I know mechanics have nothing to do with your employment position question but just wanted to pass on some news we have been hearing on the floor in maint. here in Dallas. We have a lot x-Dallas mechanics in Denver now. Denver has been great for Southwest and we are hearing of more growth in the future there.

Bears; Here's some more added flights involving Denver. Not as big as I was hoping on this announcement, but looks like they were focused a little more on Cali. with this round. I do expect more announcements on Denver flights being added in 2018. This is just part of the Denver being huge that I was talking about there will be more in the future.

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Southwest Airlines announces major flight expansions
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