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Dec 1, 2011
I wouldn't get too wrapped up in it. Who the CEO or President or VP is doesn't really impact the day to day work. The people making those dumb decisions are all planted at L4 thru L8. Who their boss's boss's boss is won't change that.

What a new CEO would do is perhaps improve standing with investors and banks. The financial hole and prospects for coming out of it are hardly impressive compared to where UA and DL are right now. AA's a bloated whale gasping for air and trying not to wind up on the beach.
without a doubt on all points. as far as the L4-L8 from my point of view there is absolutely none capable on the bench or the batters circle.


Oct 23, 2010
This morning View From The Wing stated DP may retire as will another high level person. Its looking like theyll stay with someone in house instead of going outside. Honestly swamt my take is and it wld not surprise me if AA goes CH 11 just before March 26..when our contractual wage increase takes effect that may be DP "retires" but i myself believe Robert Isom would likely takeover. But who knows

Well that's very possible. I could see DP retiring prior to a BK announcement or right after the BK announcement. He would have to retire as he promised the unions all that stuff and he doesn't want to be the one taking it all away, so he will turn the helm over to someone else to run them thru the BK.
Be aware your contractual wage increase date of 3-21 has nothing to do with the timing of them filing for BK, because if and when they do file they know they will be getting that increase back in some form and fashion thru the courts---however---it will take longer that way, so never say never.
So you don't see Isom being the "other" top official retiring? Probably not, as he would be the next one in line unless they do decide to go outside which would tell me they are going for DEEP cuts and concessions not typical.

In reality I hope your guesses are all wrong and AA can work thru this pandemic with increases benefiting the airline industry going thru 2021. If we are NOT doing better by summer 2021 than I see a bunch of BK's in the airline industry. Hoping for the slow recovery over anyone filing BK...
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V.O. Reason

May 3, 2019
First off there will be no bankruptcy fillings before the March 31st end to the payroll protection program, after that yes maybe.
I’m not an optimist when it comes to these things but I still feel for most of the majors bankruptcies are not going to happen in 2021.
AA is indeed has high debt but UA is not far behind and all 4 airlines have very different circumstances that can be fixed without going through bankruptcy
I feel if bankruptcy happens this year it won’t occur till 4th Q
One thing I’ve seen is AA is still receiving new aircraft I get it that there are contracts with that but yet you would think if AA was so close to a filing they would be deferring all orders till things stabilized
Again just my opinion


Jul 23, 2003
Waiting to file bankruptcy makes no sense. File now, and use bankruptcy to renegotiate aircraft leases, property rents and other service contracts down to new rates.

Used aircraft values are about 30% of what they were 15 months ago, and attacking lease rates are a significant opportunity. Commercial lease rates are also at a low. Don't know if that new HDQ complex AA built is owned or leased, but if it's leased, start there and threaten to let all of HDQ continue to work remotely since it's worked for almost a year now. Same thing with all the sales offices, call centers, etc...