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The first mistake you made was being a SCAB.
The next mistake you made was getting on this board and bragging about it.

Your career in aviation is scarred for the rest of your life.

Have a little respect for yourself and the craft your a part of and walk out of the situation your in. Drive yourself to the AMFA hall and tell them you had been a SCAB and decided it wasn't worth it. Make up for you past mistakes by taking a turn or two in the picket line before returning home to find an aviation job rather than an aviation opportunity that turns you into a thief. Years from now, perhaps even weeks from now you'll be able to forgive yourself for the crimes you have committed against the craft, aviation workers, and the middle class.
I thought this was a Northwest board brought to you by US Aviation. If I recall both are US companies and we are in America where freedom of speech reins. I didn't realize this was an AMFA board that is sponsored by AA. I do apologize for my intrusion.

I am a SCAB. I am an American citizen. I can work anywhere I damn well please. Northwest is a US company that got suckered by a union. They are rectifying that problem now. They can hire anyone they damn well please. Calling a scab a criminal is merely an opinion of petty little minds.
Chas, if I am the scum of the earth like you guys say what does that make you? You belong to a band of thugs that not only rips off the company but also its own members. I have asked repeatedly where is all the money that all the members paid to AMFA? Where is the strike fund?
Why will know one answer these two questions?