Fa Report Nwa Ac5804

PlayTheOdds said:
Smoke in the cockpit: This is information related to me from other mechanics. The smoke was caused from oil being introduced into the packs by way of an over serviced engine. (If this is possible will someone confirm it?) The mech was terminated after the investigation. It was reported to be an AMFA mechanic that crossed the picket line. This information is second hand, so take it as you will. I will add though that the incident happened during a time of random sabotage by AMFA workers.
Are you back from the cornfield so soon scabby? Your were banned from this site, so take your low life lies and nonsensical BS and be gone. I know it gets lonely in the scab hotel, so have one of the goons that has to guard you fetch ya a Playgirl and some slippery stuff..... ;)
Hackman said:
Are you back from the cornfield so soon scabby?

Sorry there Hackman no hotels for me, I live here. Of course the company doesn't know that, otherwise I couldn't get all of this wonderful tax-free money. Please pass my thanks to AMFA.
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Is PlayTheOdds really KeepTheOdds?

I thought he was in the cornfield.