Airline grounds jet order


May 18, 2003
Airline grounds jet order

ALPA currently has 235 grievances pending with US Airways over issues such as sick leave, scheduling and training

PITTSBURGH (Tribune Review) - US Airways cancelled delivery of 25 new 75-seat aircraft from Bombardier Aerospace on Wednesday, after a labor contract dispute with its pilots, and ordered at least as many 70 seaters instead.

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Out of the 235 greiveances pending, how many will be won by ALPa, and how many by the company? Grievances can be filed all day long, but they mean nothing until a decision is rendered.
Once again Chip you are wrong.

US Airways, the seventh-largest airline in the United States, has signed instead a letter of intent with Mesa Air Group allowing the regional carrier to fly at least 25 and perhaps as many as 55 of the 70-seat jets under the US Airways Express name.
US Airways had originally ordered 75-seat planes from Bombardier, but the carrier has revised its order to get 70-seat aircraft, the Bombardier spokesman said.
"It looks to me as a neutral event (for Bombardier)," said aviation analyst Cameron Doerksen, of Dlouhy Merchant.

"Those 25 (705 model orders) will become 700s and they''ll be flown by Mesa," US Airways spokesman David Castelveter said. Mesa is a regional airline based in Phoenix.

Come Chip, report the truth!
Come on now Lav, get off Chip here. He simply did a cut and paste of what this website in PIT is reporting. Chip has not even highlighted or commented on the story. This is kind of an example of shooting the messenger.
lavman, I do not understand how Chip is wrong and not telling the truth by posting a link to a journalist story. You should complain to the Tribune Review if you have a problem with their story. Stop shooting the messenger and respect another person''s opinion on this board.