Amazon Union Vote Fails by 2:1 Margin



Jul 23, 2003

Actually, the process of getting a drivers license or registering to vote is almost identical to the steps you go thru to buy a firearm.

They check your ID. They take your money.

In the case of the firearm, they then check with the NICS (something I wish they'd do with voting, actually).

In Illinois, to vote, all I have to do is tell the clerk my address. They're not allowed to look at my ID, which is stupid, because they never spell my name correctly even though I spell it for them... At that point I hand them my ID and say, it's written write there, I'm not repeating it again. Legally I only have to say it once, apparently...

But to buy ammunition in Illinois? Gotta hand over that FOID card. Look at a firearm in a sporting goods store? Gotta hand over that FOID card. Spend an hour at the rifle range? Gotta hand over that FOID card.

Yeah, I'd say it's a lot easier to vote than it is to be a firearm owner. In Illinois at least. And we appear have the most gun crimes in the nation.


Oct 29, 2002
YEp...somebody might buy one in a parking lot at a bar, so let's do nothing. You might stop SOME from buying one at a bar and taking it to ...gasp...Chicago. And it's already been suggested to crack down on criminals in Chicago, so why not extend that crackdown to include bar parking lot gun sellers. You STILL haven't offered up one single thing to stop mass shootings or even one thing to stop a teenager from being shot and killed (even outside of the Chicago city limits). You just point out the flaw in ANY suggestion...and because it isn't 100% perfect - dismiss it completely.
Ever occur to you that a good start would be using laws already on the books?

I see you're all for restrictions on law biding gun owners......for what purpose?

I hear BATF is opening mobile background check vans so felons in bars and parking lots won't be left out of the process......all about equity these days, you know.