AMT Day 2013

Ken MacTiernan

Aug 12, 2003
San Diego CA
May 24th is right around the corner. How are you celebrating AMT Day? If you are in Tennessee stop by Baker School of Aeronautics.

May 24th was chosen in honor of the first Aircraft Mechanic, Charles E. Taylor. He started a proud, skilled profession that carries with it a great responsibility.

Happy AMT Day 2013!
I'm pretty sure at DL we will not have a big cook out like in the past. Last year our new manager for the hangar started just before AMT Day and rumor has it he was beside him self when he saw the lack of productivity on that day.
Would love to see you guys make it happen. May 24th a great day to celebrate the aviation AMT's, AND ridding the TWU out of the AMT profession or at least FIRED from AA. Perfect timing!!!