Anyone have RECENT experience (post Covid) flying LEVEL airlines?


Mar 31, 2024
I am looking to book a flight from Barcelona back to Boston in early 2025 following the completion of a Norwegian cruise around the Iberian peninsula.

I want to fly in some sort of Premium Economy (not Business or First) so that seats are very comfortable for the long flight. The costs for a Premium Economy fare on a LEVEL airlines flight, operated by Iberia, appear to be significantly lower than all others I have found.

I have searched for reviews of LEVEL on the internet and they seem to be all over the place. Some think they are great, and are just the same seats on the same airplanes, but offered by a different provider. Other reviews wouldn't touch LEVEL with the proverbial 10 foot pole.

Does anyone have very recent, real world experience flying Premium Economy on LEVEL? If so, what should I be aware of, look out for, be concerned about?