Aug 19, 2002
I just flew in from PIT this morning. I worked 3rd last night....and I'm in dire need of sleep.

Life in PIT is good....and I'm having tons of fun in Moon.
Good to hear from you Aog-N-It, I was starting to get concerned. Missed your posts. Good to hear that PIT is treating you alright.
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Jon, Check your E-mail.

Things are fine...My time is divided among the various hangars in PIT Heavy Maint.

I tend to bounce between C and Q Checks on the B737-300/400's for now. I have dabbled a bit with the A319's ...and of course the Hot Button issue of the Cockpit door mods.

Regardless of the over all views of some..or the un-certain feelings of many. still soldiering on as advertised.

U is my job...the planes are my mistress...and the song and dance only goes on from there.

Do-Dah Do-dah.

God Bless the flight crew of the Space Shuttle "Columbia"...I hope they have touched the face of God.
Definately let us know how you're doing...glad to hear that PIT is treating you well.
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I don't know about "Words of Wisdom"....but thanks for saying so , all the same.

I miss the board alot...yet taking a break from the internet is not all bad either.

I cannot say enough good about the folks in PIT. The locals in Moon have really kinda taken me in.

The greatest part is meeting all the retired folks..and hearing the stories about Agony..The Lakers and Hawkers. It's like a walk through history.

You folks keep the faith...and thanks for thinking about me.
On 2/1/2003 10:35:19 AM AOG-N-IT wrote:

I just flew in from PIT this morning. I worked 3rd last night....and I'm in dire need of sleep.

Life in PIT is good....and I'm having tons of fun in Moon.

I, too, am glad to hear from you again. It's nice to see "Moon Tahnship" agrees with you! You have to check out Wings, Suds and Spuds--man, I miss their wings!

After reading about the A330-200s, I wondered what your take on this would be. Your thoughts, please?
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Yes Sir , Wings,Spuds and Suds is a great little place. I have made many friends there...including the staff and owners.

The "Spicey Garlic" wings are something that legends are made of. I strongly suggest you only eat them on nights where your social agenda is for drinking an adult beverage or two...and eating only. Hardly a regular diet for a single person..unless you intend to remain that way (LOL)

The best part is where I'm living..I can walk there..or to the "Glass Tower". No worries about the bottle to throttle issues.

Regarding the recent announcement about the increase in Airbus dependence. All I can say is this. "Here we go again"

Yet another chance to open ourselves up for more logistics problems (Continued Nightmares)

The worst the long term and less self-serving perspective is this. Our country and it's work force needs a major shot in the arm now!! Sending work to Europe does little to stimulate a very depressed US economy.

My revulsion towards airbus goes way beyond it's short term impact on USAirways alone.

I was hoping that time and the major changes we have endured to date , would have made an impact on the way people think at the top. I see that this is not the case yet again. My concerns are still beyond initial puchase prices...It's still the cost of Ownership (Long Term) Versus the cost of Purchase (Initial).

This "Bean counter" mentality only deepens my concerns about the long range future of U.

Many in PIT whom I've encountered along the way..are still absolutely convienced that a US/UAL deal looms beyond our current CH11 issues. I refuse to delve into that aspect...until both parties resolve the immediate issues that face both UAL and US.

The above comments are due in part to this.

(1) Why create scenarios and added fears...until all short term problems are resolved ?

(2) Why create added fears and concerns when we have pending world events , that may only deepen the issues for our chosen industry?

Basically it boils down to this for me , I have opted to make my goal line stand with U and You in PIT. I have hopes (Slim) of returning to CLT in the near future.

Should all of the best hopes and wishes fail? I have positioned myself to be able to load up everything I have in PIT..and be back home in CLT within 8 hours notice. Then I'm prepared for other ventures in the Automotive Industry (My Hobby and second love). Hopefully that's a contingency plan I will never have to exercise.

Simply put...We are not Stephen Wolf or Rakesh Gangwhal...failure to have a Plan B on our a program based on failure...without a "Golden Parachute" to break our falls.

The wiseman always hopes and aspires for the best...but he/she also prepares for the worst too! [img src='']