APFA is NOT a union


Sep 4, 2002
APFA is NOT a union
APFA is NOT a union merely an association in collusion with management. John Ward, et al should be ashamed of their current actions. If the vote had been yes, would the voting deadline have been extended? I think not!
There were 9,842 no votes. Even by a stretch, the STL f/as could not have registered more than 3,000 votes. That leaves 6,842 original AA f/as who voiced their vote as no.
Never have I seen such a travesty in a democratic system. This smells worse than the Florida fiasco. And how timely that the APFA bulletin board is shut down, but you can read all you care about changing your vote to yes.
It is my sincere hope that every f/a change their vote to a resounding, very clear message. NO

This is how the rules have changed over a few days:
This a direct quote from John Ward on Friday''s hotline..
Some members have contacted APFA asking for the ability to change their vote. The APFA, in setting up the telephonic balloting system, determined that it would be most in keeping with APFA''s normal, prescribed voting procedures to not allow a member to change their vote.
From Jane Allen 4/11/03:
Extending the time for ratification is not something that is within my scope nor is it something that I believe is possible given the late date, the APFA''s processes and the dire financial situation of the Company. The voting deadline is Tuesday and I don''t see any way that the deadline will be changed.

I am embarrassed to be a member of this association.