Approximately when does WN service start at RIC?


Aug 31, 2002
I recall reading that WN''s service to RIC will begin once facility construction is completed at ISP and MDW, so maybe it''s easier to ask when will the construction at those two airports be completed. No doubt this means WN will fly RIC-ISP and RIC-MDW. Do they plan on serving any other cities nonstop out of RIC? I''d also have to assume that RIC is likely next in line since WN announced that they would also eventually serve RIC at the same time they announced new service to ORF. Apparently, WN had never before pre-announced a new city as they did with RIC. Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Aug 20, 2002
RIC is probably not next in line. ISP has just begun to break ground. I think ISP is a long term project--wew terminal built, move there, renovate old terminal. 7-8 gates.

I'd expect other cities to open prior to then.