WN seeks to triple service at DEN

but it's precisely this kind of growth possibilities at DAL that will keep WN from getting increased Love Field rights. The only legitimate case for the WA being repealed is to stimulate local demand and bring down local prices. No one except perhaps WN wants to see a hub operation set up at DAL when the community has invested billions of dollars in DFW airport - which the neighbors have all come to understand is a large connecting hub. They do not want that kind of operation at Love Field.

Southwest doesn't have "hubs."

They have cities where a lot of planes take off and land, and customers are generally allowed to make connections at those stations.

But we aren't talking banked "hubs" per se.

Right now...as we speak....customers are making connections at Love Field on their way from Corpus Christi to Albuquerque....or Little Rock to El Paso.....or maybe Tulsa to Harlingen.

No, Southwest is not about to create a hub at DAL.

Yes, they will allow passengers who fly in from someplace else change planes to another Southwest flight.

Jeez.....Southwest has published connections at AMA, MAF, and LBB. None of those places could really be described as hubs.