Sep 22, 2002
PARIS: French police are questioning the in-laws of a baggage handler who was arrested at a Paris airport in December after explosives and arms were found in his car in what turned out to be a set-up.
Fatia and Ahmed Bechiri are being investigated for false accusation after Fatia Bechiri confessed to police she was involved in the plot to finger her former son-in-law, Abderazak Besseghir, as a terrorist suspect, the couple''s lawyer said.
Besseghir, 27, was set free last week after a two-week ordeal in prison after a former soldier admitted that he and an accomplice hid the explosives in the boot of Besseghir''s car.
Marcel le Hir and Patrick Pouchoulin, both in custody, said members of the Bechiri family had hired them to carry out the plan. Le Hir initially told police he had seen Besseghir moving suspicious objects in the boot of his car.
On December 28 police found two pistols, five cakes of plastic explosive, two detonators and a safety fuse in the car parked at Paris''s main international airport, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, where Besseghir worked.
Besseghir, who has no criminal record and no known links to radical Islamic movements, insisted from the start that he was innocent and was the victim of a plot by his late wife''s family to avenge her death in a fire last year at their home.
Fatia and Ahmed Bechiri have been held for questioning since Monday to determine their role in the scheme.
Fatia Bechiri said her husband was unaware of the plot and Ahmed Bechiri has denied he had any role in the plan, their lawyer Gilbert Collard said today.
A coroner''s court ruled the death of Besseghir''s wife, Louisa, was accidental. However, her family was convinced she was murdered and filed a complaint with police.