Boeing Boy

Art at ISP

Aug 20, 2002
Dix Hills NY
Some of you may remember retired Captain Jim Garner aka Boeing Boy, who was once quite active around here. I am sorry to report that he passed away last week.

I just thought some of you might want to know.

My best to you all....
May he RIP, I did see something on the Piedmont FB page, but didn't realize that it was him. I never knew his last name, but after seeing his picture, I recognized him from my early days in ops.
That's sad to hear. He was very active on these forums until some years back when he had a nasty motorcycle accident. I always enjoyed his perspective and insight. May he RIP.
Been retired for 2 years and just decided to check the forum and see this, so sorry.. Jim always brought some great insight to the board.... RIP.