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Jan 31, 2003
I was wondering would it be a good idea or bad idea for Southwest to merge or buy AQ. It seems they would be a good fit. WN could move their -500 to the island for the intra-island flights and get rid of the -200 in the AQ fleet. I have flown AQ to the islands a feww times and their service is great. I think WN should keep the long haul service on those flights. The move would be an enticement for WN frequent fliers. Also WN could get there before JB tries to get into the market. I think WN could get a better yield on the mainland flights by charging $139-$149 for the cheap seats, with a cap of the $299.

For the reasons why it would be bad I can not think of any at this time, although I am sure the are several.

Hi WW. I would love to have HA as a part of our service. Unfortunately, I don't see any feasible way at this time. There are crew scheduling issues, over-the-water certification issues, and others. And, the last time WN bought an airlines, it was a difficult enough transaction and merging of activity that (basically); WN has expressed no future interest in buying another, according to all my sources!

I would believe if WN ever served HA; the greater likelihood would be starting service themselves. That's many years away!
Didn't we kick this rumor around a few months back? If I remember correctly, the general consensus is that beyond the fact that we both operate the 737, our products are simply too divergent. The AQ 73G fleet is ETOPs qualified, ours is not. The AQ aircraft are configured for first class service, ours are not. One of the hallmarks of the AQ brand is their elaborate cabin service....WN cabin service is still bare bones despite the fact that we have plunged headlong into the longhaul transcon market. In other words our products are just too different. In order to make the travel experience consistent throughout the system, either the AQ routes would have to be downgraded to meet the current WN standard or the WN experience would have to significantly upgraded. Either one mean that one of the two parties would have to stop being "who they are" which I can safely say on the WN side...ain't likely to happen anytime soon.

Another point is that unless the RapidRewards program were revamped...the Hawaii flts would be a complete money loser with every seat filled with RR passengers flying on freebie tickets they earned flying round trips between BWI and PVD. You either change a wildly successful frequent flier program and tick off your most valuable customers just to make the route profitable or you operate the flights at a loss just for the sake of having a marquee destination on your route map.
'I was wondering would it be a good idea or bad idea for Southwest to merge or buy AQ'

A BAD idea for SWA or anyone else.

1. Mergers suck
2. Buyouts create bad blood
3. Yields are crappy
4. Very little commonality
5. Corporate culture nonalignment
6. ETOPS on one but not the other
7. Still just domestic (no world network)
Many have already posted the RR problem, and the perfect example of it is America West.

In the late '80's, America West was trying to fly PHX-HNL-Nagoya, Japan. The old 747-100's (I think) were filled with their frequent flyers, next to no revenue, and in the hottest summer months couldn't even get off the ground.

Thankfully, this experience kept me from submitting an application there, :D , and shortly after I was invited to join the Fun Jet Crew.

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