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I read this article this morning and was a bit puzzled on where this Conner is claiming that AA and SWA has to match Spirit and Virgin prices.  I disagree, and the history proves otherwise.  The reduction of 28% to 38% in fares are not from AA and SWA matching their prices. It's a direct result of SWA ridding of the W/A and expanding to those destinations during 14 & 15, as well as Virgin. If anyone had to match the fares it was AA and Virgin. The Austin decreases were do to SWA greatly beefing up the AUS flights and Virgin pulling out, so again not do to AA and SWA matching anything.  The article also states that the average fares do not include bag fees and other surcharges and add-ons, especially Spirit who charges for everything and anything.  In an all in case, with all fees, add-ons, and surcharges I would be willing to bet SWA is still the cheapest of all 3.  Not to take too much from Spirit, they have done very well at bringing down fares against AA at DFW, but not so much with SWA at DAL. I think someone just called this dude from Spirit and/or Virgin and he just posted it.  The time frame he is talking about was and is when SWA has rampantly expanded and started all the fare wars after the repeal of the W/A.  This author did not do any homework on this article at all.  Her's the article in reference:


Dallas Morning News (blog)

Fare wars: As airlines duel, Dallas passengers can go farther for less
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Definitely a puff piece.

The drop in prices is hardly unique to Dallas. Fuel is down, people are driving more, and fares drop whenever that happens.


If you compared Houston and Dallas, you'd probably see similar drops due to the fall-off in energy business (which hits Houston harder, but is still felt in Dallas).
I agree E.  Especially where you stated that when gas prices go down. We have had meetings with upper management where thay have stated exactly what you stated, when gas prices for cars (and buses) go down we (SWA) have to adjust our prices to keep customers to stay on board. Directly related and agree...
And the battle goes on at DAL. SWA files for appeals in gate fight with Delta. Here we go again. This might get interesting as I have heard rumors that ALK will be pulling out of DAL and moving the flights over to DFW with the rest of them. So now leaves the question about the 2 gates left behind.  It is only rumored, nothing set from ALK as of yet. Here are the articles:
Southwest Airlines appeals Love Field decision favoring Delta
Southwest Airlines Co, Delta Air Lines, Inc: The Love Field 
Southwest Airlines fights to boot Delta from Love Field
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Thanks for posting that. The litigation may take years. I wonder if DoJ would permit AA to reclaim and use its two gates if VX/AS abandons DAL?

Alternatively, the government may still want to offer those gates to B6 or any other low-fare airline before letting AA (or Delta) use those two gates.
Once ALK is gone (if that is their decision) then that would open up the door for just about anything. Pretty sure AA will have to wait for the 10 years (7 left) unless, their was a clause for abandonment of gates.  And yes I too would think at least one of the gates if not both, may very well get put on the selling block for some future LCC's to bid over.  SWA would also love to have those last 2 gates, but I just don't see that happening. I see Delta getting a full gate at least, if not both offered to them. Or Delta 1 gate and new entrant the other. Purely guesses on my part.
There's no clause for abandonment which would allow AA to start flying out of DAL before the settlement with the DOJ expires.

Assuming ALK decides to leave... it might be cheaper at that point for the City to buy out AA's lease and turn them into common use gates.

That would solve all of the lawsuits, and allow either a new entrant, DL, or WN to use the gates without enduring another decade of legal fees.
Southwest, Delta headed back to court in Love Field dispute
Dallas Morning News - OnlineWEB
Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines are headed back to the courtroom in September to make arguments to a federal appeals panel in their ongoing fight over gate space at Dallas' Love Field.
The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals advised both parties Monday that oral arguments in the year-old case have been tentatively scheduled for the week of Sept. 26.
The dispute centers around Gate 15 at the city-owned Love Field, where Southwest and Delta have been sharing space for more than a year.
Southwest, which paid $120 million to lease two gates, including Gate 15, from United Airlines in 2014, argues that Delta has no right to use the gate, where it currently operates five daily flights to Atlanta.
Delta has countered that the city is federally obligated to ensure access for airlines wanting to serve Love Field, even if it means forcing Southwest to share gate space.
The two sides were last in court in September 2015 for several days of hearings that resulted in a January ruling that allowed Delta to continue operating out of Love Field until the case is resolved
Southwest appealed that ruling to the 5th Circuit, and the three parties wrapped up briefings to the court in June.
We shall see...
FWAAA said:
Thanks for posting that. The litigation may take years. I wonder if DoJ would permit AA to reclaim and use its two gates if VX/AS abandons DAL?

Alternatively, the government may still want to offer those gates to B6 or any other low-fare airline before letting AA (or Delta) use those two gates.
Lord, I hope not. We poured quite enough money down the bottomless pit a few years ago in the process of "competing" with WN on DAL-STL. Our planes on DFW-AUS, DFW-SAT and the like are quite full and profitable. I just don't think we need any DAL to anywhere flights. We should just take the money for leasing the gates to other less fortunate airlines, and buy something nice for ourselves.:)
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