Daves Road Show .......


Aug 20, 2002
Has anyone been...what was the topic of the day?
Was any new information given ...?
Wants to operate a 280 aircraft airline for now. A lot is dependent on lessors. All new board members next year. 5 from TX Pacific, 3 employee, no Wolf. Pittsburgh to be a East West hub, Philly will be an O & D and international, Charolette will be restructured to be a omni-directional hub. Will serve all cities. Some will see reduction in service. New cities will be added in restructuring. Expect more Caribbean announcements. CLT will get Mexico City, and some Central American cities. With TX Pacific on board he expects a quick an efficient trip through court. Will expand LGA and DCA and recapture lost market share in BOS. Securing order and delivery positions on RJ's to arrive at MDA within a month of CH 11 emergence.

These are just some of the things mentioned.
Does anyone know Dave's e-mail off hand..just want to ask him a few questions since his roadshow doesn't stop at any of the smaller stations....I had heard that he was pretty good about a reply to a reasonable question....Thanks..
I heard straight from someone who went to the PIT road show that MR "Im so cool I'll shovel your walk for free" Siegel totally ignored all questions from the Cwa portion of the audience(people who wore solidarity red)...what does this tell ya? Employee friendly my derriere! [:knockout:]
My husband went to hear Dave speak in Pittsburgh yeaterday. He did not mention the CWA (sorry) but what he did get out of it is that we are going to 245 aircraft soon. Of which 36 are being parked for the November bid. The others will most likely be parked before March. In the November bid there will be a reduction of 500 pilots. So we can assume another 500 to 700 pilots on top of that before March. With all that comes reductions in all the other departments. Dave would not quote specific numbers of how many people, but it doesn't take to much to quess it will be at least a total of 10%. The parking of the planes has to do with the creditors and funding the Company was given. Dave said he would like it to be 275, but most likely it will go to 245. That seemed to be the magic number for some reason.

Somewhere there was a comment made to the effect that he wants us to be like Contentinal, emerage from Bankruptcy and grow to be a stronger company. Only the part of growing means RJ's and not mainline.

Well for all of us. It is one day at a time. Expect the worst and hope for the best.
What does omni directional mean for charlotte compared to other bases? Pit going east west ? that mean all other hubs lose east west flying [;)]
Reality Check,

I was at the PIT roadshow meeting and Dave did answer questions from the CWA. In fact, that last woman chosen was a CWA member asking a question.


You second hand information is full of inaccuracies. 245 is the absolute minimum number of aircraft for the fleet. 31 aircraft are being parked throughout the month of September for the October schedule. The fleet will hold at 280 aircraft, for now. If we can sustain 280 aircraft at a profit and negotiate lease reductions, then there may not be a need for further reductions. With the 31 aircraft being grounded there would only be a total of 500-530 pilot furloughs. 1/2 in Nov and 1/2 in Jan.
On 8/20/2002 6:57:30 PM

I heard straight from someone who went to the PIT road show that MR "Im so cool I'll shovel your walk for free" Siegel totally ignored all questions from the Cwa portion of the audience(people who wore solidarity red)...what does this tell ya? Employee friendly my derriere! [:knockout:]

Ever have your lawyer tell you not to talk about ongoing negotiations? Much less to a crowd of people wearing "solidarity red?"

What do you think the US corporate folks told Dave? A roadshow in PIT is not the bargaining table.
I attended Dave's "Roadshow" in CLT yesterday. My gut feeling is this. I think the man is trying to be as straight forward and honest with us , as the "Corporate Mindset" and combined complexities allow. I get the distinct feeling that many U-Employee's are failing to grasp the despiration of our companies situation. The simple fact that Dave is willing to steer us toward a "Future" says positive things. This process is not going to take place without pain or sacrifice. This aspect I'm painfully aware of...and I'm not immune to it's fallout. I hope We as a group make the sacrifices...instead of just preparing to take/make a certain plunge into obscurity and liquidation. Remember this!! Dave Siegel did not start this problem...The probelm goes back to Pre-Merger issues...and lack of resolve. The problems were only compounded during the W&G tenure. Lashing out at Dave is not resolving anything....it's only keepng the flames and emotions in a frenzy. Think about your actions, words and your voting ballot. The next thing you might be filling out, is at the Un-Employment Security Commision or Personal BK proceedings. Working against this leadership will only insure U's complete distruction. Voting with them...at least insures a "Fighting Chance". Go ahead...the screen is Nomex and Kevlar coated. [:(]
The man isn't being honest at all. He told employees in Orlando that whatever CWA and U comes up with, they'll have to give back wage cuts back to the company. Not even a month ago he told the entire company in writing that he couldn't do that to management due to labor law. So why the reversal? Scare tactics, IMO.
MarkMyWords, Thanks for the support!!. I see the message is still being lost in the symantics of things. This does not bid well for the future. The assaults on Dave's character , will never ever change the bottom line. People are acting like this situation is all "Smoke and Mirrors" , with the expressed purpose to knife the bottom out of thier wallets. I wish the reality of things were that simple. I stand to lose money..and possibly my job by voting "Yes" to the IAM Contract. I can see by voting "No" insures me losing my job...with absolutely no hope of a return. People love to throw around the "Eastern Airlines" comparison , and it's a good one to use as a benchmark. We will win nothing by fighting against the tide. The climate in this industry and many others have changed...We were not healthy before..and we only got worse after the failed merger with UA. September 11th only accelerated what was already coming to critical mass. Shade your eyes against the blinding of the light if you must? Remember this thread when the worse comes to worst. Then by all means ..Shout how you beat them at thier own game...just like many Ex-Eastern folks did..and still do.[:blackeye:] wake-up people...The warchest doesn't live here anymore...and the facts that have been avoided since the first mergers were made are now about to kill us. The game plan has to be changed....The old script has played out...accept the reality of the times we are living..or face the grim reality later. [:knockout:]
AOG well said. I hope we come out of this looking like CO. The next stepping stone is the 28th, we will see how the IAM vote goes.
Bravo AOG. Very well said. These concessions are going to hurt everyone, but most will still have jobs and a hopeful future.