Delta TechOps expands WestJet deal


Nov 23, 2010
"ATLANTA, September 2, 2015 – Delta TechOps, Delta Air Lines’ maintenance division and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider business, is proud to announce its growing relationship with WestJet Airlines (Nasdaq: WJA.TO). Under a new five-year agreement, Delta TechOps will provide exclusive component maintenance-per-flight-hour support for WestJet’s four Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. The agreement will cover various aircraft component services for hydraulics, pneumatics, avionics, fuel and oil systems on the aircraft. Delta TechOps will also provide integrated inventory support and main base kit coverage."
Hopefully more to come with WestJet getting 767s. 
Currently DTO does a lot of 737NG work including CFM56-7B overhauls.
oh and more deals to come.....  ;)  ;)
Great news and indeed a sign that being the world's largest 767 operator and also an MRO provider to several major low cost carriers makes DL a great fit for both companies.
DL has been the world's largest 767 operator for quite some time.

Whether you like the plane is immaterial or not. DL has significant experience with it and the fact that DL doesn't fly all of the world's 767s says that DL's expertise is marketable.
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I suspect the DL employees in TechOps will sleep better knowing that their company is actively seeking ways to leverage DL's expertise across MANY fleets and make money and provide increased jobs for its employees in the process.
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It would be a cool if we could have one thread that isn't some kind of pissing contest. 
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Or we could get rid of people who can't acknowledge that DL actually thinks high enough of the work that Tech Ops does that DL is willing to sell its services and other airlines are willing to pay for that service
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FrugalFlyerv2.0 said:
Does DL Tech Ops do any work on the WestJet 737 fleet?
yeah. Same kind of component support agreement as well as engine support on the CFM56-7B.  
really? Alaska sends engine work to DL? most or all of it?

yes, of course AM is part of the mix.

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