Delta Upgrades In-flight Experience for International Coach Customers

I agree about the competitive disadvantage MRTC cost AA. The problem with these new ammenities, in my mind, is that if people won't pay for what they #### about the most, seat space, why would they pay more for free booze and such? I mean maybe the alcoholics of the world will give Delta a shot hoping they won't keep track of what they are drinking. The cost of these free amenities, are NOT negligable when they are rolled out system wide on the targted flights. They will add to the purchasing departments tasks, storage and added catering fees and don't forget the added weight on the planes. No matter how small the increase in costs and added jetfuel, it will decrease the revenue generated each flight, unless they are able to command a premium, no matter how small the increase. AA tells us each additional pound on the A/C cost $10,000 a year to fly around. These will add costs and decrease revenue, UNLESS people pay more for their seats. Better product or not, planes are FULL and PRICE is still king.
...the goal is to do much like JetBlue has done, get $5-$10 more per person. MRTC had a slightly different goal...drop the bottom 5-10% of fares on ORD-FLL, but make it up on ORD-ICT. That's a little more intagible and only works on full flights. These amenities are to get people to go to Orbitz and see Delta in the #2 or #3 position from the left (not the cheapest), but still pick them. TV's, and soon internet, have done that for B6. Of course they've gone on record saying the need even higher fares now, but it's why people will consider them even when it's a little higher.