F/A Displacement? Will it happen?

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Aug 22, 2002
Has anyone heard any information on displacemet of F/A''s once the furloughs and leaves have been taken? Just curious because LGA and BOS seem to already be hurting for crew members being that DFW seems to be flying alot of their trips.
It is possible it could happen. I doubt it. Anyone in a forced relocation would be eligible for Article 18, Moving expences. It might be cheeper to build lines through and around.

Boston will have some fall offs coming up. BOS-I is losing CDG for the winter. That should help them. They could move some JFK flying to other bases and create fall offs to cover a Domestic shortage. They could also just run more flight through with other crew bases.
I think ultimately they will just rebalance the flying. It is much cheaper to do that than pay for moving expenses for flight attendants who have to force transfer. Just my .02
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