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Oct 24, 2002
..daily briefing on DEC 3 in sabre..Service level average systemwide Mon Dec 2 for calls answered within 20 seconds was 27pct..goal is 70pct.Abandoned (hangup)calls averaged 18pct(1 in 6)..goal is 4pct.
For only general sales calls, average answered within 20 seconds was 18pct, abandon rate 22pct(1 in 5).Goal is 70 and 4 again.
When there are 24 hours in a day,last time I checked, picking up the phone 4 or 5 times in that day and bugging agents on a wasted non sales call to test the wait time is not a representative sample of day long average wait times. 200 calls on hold equals a minimum 15-20 minutes wait time depending on which part of the VRU you are tied into and which office your call is routed into. Some passengers stated 30 minutes, others 5 or 6. Some said 10.100 calls on hold is at least 10-15 minutes considering the same circumstances.
These figures are the poorest I ever recall seeing in at least 6 months, if then, at least on days I have been around to check the stats. And they are certainly unacceptable. If 5 or 6 people walked into an establishment(bank e.g.) with potential business to offer and then
1 out of those 5 or 6 walked out because the line or wait was too long, multiplied through the course of a day, wouldn't that business take steps to do something about it? Is U doing anything? No, just cutting heads where we need them the most.On the front line servicing the customers.I am all for trimming fat, the fat is not on the front line. So someone, anyone, tell us all how this is good sound business practice, that is, giving away potential sales and service to other airlines .
There was no weather to speak of, no mass cxlations of maintenance,this was simply volume exceeding number of agents on a business day MONDAY, usually the busiest day of the week where business trips(HAHA) are planned after a long weekend off.
As I said in an earlier post the reduced system will be put to the test late WED and THURS and FRI with the guaranteed ice and snow storm expected from NC to PHLLY. I would expect similar service levels for the next 3 days, if not worse.
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One question? Does the "pro" in your screen name stand for Provocatuer?

Keep On The Sunnyside of Life,
Ok, Mr. Anita Bryant. The little mechanical lady with the wait times is not always accurate, and you would know this if you worked for the company (you do not), and had intra-departmental wait times quoted to you every day from the same microchip lady, you would find they are usually 60/40 accurate/inaccurate. So I repeat, 5 or even 10 test calls in a 24 hour day is not a representative sample. And the numbers I posted don't lie. You can be proud that you contributed to the abandoned calls ratio by hanging up each time in your wayward experiment.I am sure you really could have thought of better things to do with that dialing finger.
If anyone is a provoker here it is you, so plz remove your halo. My original post is a list of published facts and figures, a myriad of opinions about events and circumstances, not people, and I directed a semi-rhetorical question to the public to defend or scold the figures and what actions might be taken to improve them. You addressed none of this in your reply, and segued elsewhere in your last statement, which is typical of those with poorly honed discussion/debating skills.
Someone suggested You shd be a judge? HAH!
What a blissfully mature response. From a "Xerox salesman". A dozen reams of the same baloney.
I do not have the ability to shut anyone out myself, but I will happily pass on several screen names to those who can if this childish name calling does not stop. Present the facts, refute them or dispute them, but cut out the garbage now!
I do not know if I am correct, but I work in INT in International sales, the call wait button is on all the time, but the nbr of calls will say anywhere from 3 to 70 at any given time. If an International call is not on hold, a domestic or International Award call drops in automatically. I do not know how the nbrs are figured, but I do know that lately from 7am onward the hold light is on all day long. I do not think the nbrs on the keypad reflect the actual nbrs for all depts. Some depts (such as rates/reissues have longer hold times) I had a paper tkt international reissue the other day, called rates, recording said hold time 27 minutes...pax said would call back later....
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Have a nice day! I don't think Scotty was referring to USres. I am done with you. Insult, bait, lie and do as you wish, I am DONE. I thought the beam me up scotty was rather cute. See ya around, this board is way to interesting to risk a ban over the likes of you. Good Day Maam
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