Go Specter! Save PIT and Our Integrety!

Oct 11, 2007


MOON TWP. - US Airways could lose an ally in U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter if it doesn't reverse planned service and job cuts in Pittsburgh.

Specter, in Moon Township Wednesday for an Airport Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon, blasted the planned cuts and said the region deserved a much fairer shake from the airline, particularly because the current airport was built largely to US Airways' specifications for $1 billion in the early 1990s.

"When we brought in the international airport years ago ... it was with the understanding that US Airways would reciprocate what we were doing. They should have shown this area that kind of consideration," the five-term Republican senator from Philadelphia said.

Specter and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Scranton, sent a letter to US Airways last week asking that it reverse plans to eliminate 40 daily flights and force 950 Pittsburgh-based employees to look for work elsewhere.

With the moves, scheduled to take effect in January, US Airways and its express carriers will now operate just 68 daily flights and employ 1,800 people in Pittsburgh. The airline operated more than 500 daily flights and had more than 12,000 Pittsburgh-based employees just prior to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

"We want to keep US Airways functioning in a very substantial way in Pittsburgh ... we want them to maintain the current service," Specter said.

"We don't have a contractual basis to take them to court, but US Airways comes to the Senate very frequently (for help)," Specter said, noting that he has helped secure millions of dollars for projects that have directly benefited the airline and helped arrange meetings between US Airways and Cabinet members in the past.
The airline could have a tough time getting help from Specter again if it follows through with the cuts.

While Specter wants US Airways to maintain a strong presence in Pittsburgh, he also found time to take a few shots at the airline as well.

"Candidly, they're pretty hard to get along with, and I'm glad to see Southwest (Airlines) in the mix in Pittsburgh ... they offer better service," Specter said, adding that he flew Southwest for this week's trip to Pittsburgh.

"When I got here, my baggage was there. That didn't always happen with US Airways," Specter said.

While Specter said he had yet to hear back from US Airways, an airline spokesman said Wednesday evening that the airline was crafting a written response to both Specter and Casey. He would not comment on the letter, but said the airline was moving forward with the planned cuts

Hi, Long time lurker, fed up so much I wanna comment.

He makes a good point. Us Airways goes running to politicians for money and protection while stepping on its employees and passengers, and this is the return we get!

GOOD..... Let DougLight continue to burn bridges. hopefully the next time he tries to run back to court, for, oh, lets sayyyy, ARBITRATION APPEAL, the politicians wise up and tell him to go sh*t in his hat!
[quote name='PO'ed PHX Ramper' post='533619' date='Oct 11 2007, 07:02 PM']:up:

What is that?

Why is the senator for the eastern part of PA stroking voters in PIT?
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I'm saying Dougs actions in PIT could echo throughout the system, and the more people he steps on to achieve his goal, whatever that may be, will be tougher and tougher.

In this case of arbitration, he said that he would appeal the decision if it wasn't in his favor, and the people that once supported him may now turn their backs on HIM.
DoUgIe is certifiable!! (my hollow apologies to his westie fan club)
his testimony to congress regarding the delta ordeal was pathetic. indeed, he is pathetic...and a complete and total disgrace!!
now he chooses to engage elected lawmakers in another battle?!?!?!
drink another, DoUgIe...because, you are about to LOSE!!
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How does he do a lot of the stuff he does?! How was he allowed to go back to bankruptcy court when he wasn't in bankruptcy?
DP's not a legitimate manager....leader...whatever.

I've heard enough.....I can't BELIEVE he gets away with the COMPLETE BS and lies....and just outright stupidity during the "town halls."

I love the just STUPID double speak I hear during all of them...in fact, I'm so bored with it, I don't even listen to it any more.

Leaders don't let the pilots go where they are going....leaders don't LIE to their people...."We have more FFers then ever....even though it's unacceptable that we're losing them."

The list goes on.


I'm pretty certain my mom can run a better airline...LOL

Good grief.....
Taking a slightly different track than Van I have to ask the following. If US Airways is SO well lead:

- Why does it lead the DOT in consumer complaints?

- How does it manage to piss of a senior US Senator to the point where he goes from a friend to a public statement like the following, "Candidly, they're pretty hard to get along with, and I'm glad to see Southwest (Airlines) in the mix in Pittsburgh ... they offer better service,"

- Why is it DEAD LAST of the Majors in EVERY category measured by the DOT?

- Why has US been the subject of numerous negative articles from National media?

The above is not the ramblings of some pissed off frequent flyer. They are all based upon facts from verifiable third parties. This is NOT my opinon it is the reporting of documented FACTS.

It has however occured to me that one of two things is happening. ONE, Doug is right on everything and all of the facts while pointing to the contrary are bogus. OR the situation is the other way around.

Which do you think?
What I have found interesting at US AIRWAYS regarding its last 10 years is that Dave Siegal could sell ice to an eskimo. I mean he raised a super huge amount of money from solid institutions who were convinced with his vision. Although visionary and very charasmatic, he lacked the necessary business thinking skills to actually run an airline. Disaster crept in and two trips to bankruptcy.

I think I have to give Parker some credit with his ability to make convincing arguments to 'key airline investment firms'. He keeps getting big investments, which in turn, keeps the airline and its jobs flying.
But I am not convinced he knows what to do with employees or even has much of a plan that doesn't stray from merger fascinations. All along, the trend IMO, is that the BOD have not kept any CEO accountable on this property, thus the piss clam service. It's probably tough for the BOD to turn up the heat on the Siegal's and Parkers if they continue to make sells to big investment firms. Nonetheless, in the end, nothing is solved.
But what is even of more concern is that the industry entire lacks good service and is in sore need of regulation or required standards of conduct. So, it's not just limited to US AIRWAYS. Delta, NW, UA are all pathetic airlines.
Specter, he's a politician, he's coaxing SWA to bring jobs. Not saying that he is not speaking truth but he's just stirring it up by plugging SW service since they have a bigger committment now.

What CEO has actually thought outside the box to help the airline..... not cut this, cut that...!!!

My 13 year old could cut his spending if he didn't have the money for his cell phone.

It always amazed me that Wall Street thinks these guys are super exec's because they cut cost...anybody can do that.

- How does it manage to piss of a senior US Senator to the point where he goes from a friend to a public statement like the following, "Candidly, they're pretty hard to get along with, and I'm glad to see Southwest (Airlines) in the mix in Pittsburgh ... they offer better service,"

IMHO - Big Deal! All US has to do is make a contribution to the good Senator's campaign and everything will be A-OK! Right now the Senator, by bashing US and worshiping SW, is just posturing more or less for some votes.
:down: Spector stated in the Pittsburgh newspapers yesterday he would be flying SouthWest from now on. Yesterday, Spector flew on Usairways. His aircraft apparently was struck by lightning waiting to takeoff and it was a return to gate xld flight. Apparently he waited over 1 1/2 hours for his luggage to be offloaded (DUH...with lighting rampers cannot offload) and went totally ballistic with UPPER management. I guess he is playing both airlines right now. His intentions are not in favor of showing support for FURLOUGHED EMPLOYEES but how much $$$ he can get from both companies for campaigning. End of subject, GREED is the maint interest for SPECTOR!
I spoke to Sen. Specter myself yesterday and to say he was PO'd is an understatement. Oh many. Not in my party but was a very nice man. Regardless of campaign monies he was dead on with his being p!ssed.