Go Specter! Save PIT and Our Integrety!

The Saga continues. And some people wonder why PHL is so reluctant to turn over the "store" for US's international expansion. Answer - they (Specter) do not trust US as a long term viability. Interesting however that this latest tirade by Specter appears to be approaching the no-no situation of Government (re)Regulation of the industry.

In a statement this afternoon, US Airways said,
"Our decision to draw down flying again -- made two years after the merger -- reflects a great deal of soul-searching and our best judgment of ways to make Pittsburgh viable, and measured against a backdrop of the right decisions for all employees across the US Airways system."

I’m sure Tempe considered the decision carefully to whatever end result they desire, but I don’t believe “soul-searchingâ€￾ was part of the process.
[HEY bubble boy there must be times when you need to deflat and get some air.. yeah Spector needs to retire. the US CEO has sent a nice letter to him and explained the US stance the airport was built for US in 1993 things have changed.. US is still builiding its 600 plus employee OPS center in PIT.. the US CEO has said the city of PIT has attracted other carriers to pick up the slack the city will not be without of service. .. if there was any airport with the more space the less ATC its PIT .. so plz explain to US the flying public out of PIT whay has WN expanded BIG TIME there... because thats why US is cutting back.. and im sure you are pretty much a newbie to the business remember.. EAS>. its called Essential Air Service.. its cities that are subsidized by the federal goverment and yes you and i pay through taxes to provide air service to certain cities. like you said WN operates 737s.. no way that Wn can service these cities and WN is very limited to anymore cities in this country with the 737 now they must go international... personallyy... LOL.. but that another story. the cities being pulled out can be made up by other carriers there are plenty maybe you may see a remerge of Commuter Airlines servicing them :up: :up: :up: