Great Service / Going Express


Aug 20, 2002
I actually have two topics but the first one is short and sweet. My sister and fiance flew US from IND to SJU roundtrip for a cruise. Quite frankly I was afraid of what they might encounter along the way given the demeanor of some of those who are still actively employed, or rather some of those that post here and the things I've heard. I was quite relieved to hear that all of their flights went well and baggage wasn't even misplaced. They had nothing but good things to say about their flights with the exception of one gate agent in SJU. So, if anyone hear flys those routes - thank you for your great attitude and showing US in a different light, people do appreciate it.

That said... I have friends who still work at the IND ATO and have mentioned recently that some interesting things have been happening. It seems as though a lot of mainline groud equipment is being moved out and taken to CLT and PHL. She also said that they have been told that by mid 2004 IND will be all express. That just blew me away. I say that because when I took my sister and her fiance to leave on their trip, the flight was overbooked and they were even asking for volunteers to take the next flight. They both told me it was the same in CLT. Then last night when they returned, a flight from PHL got in at the same time. It would seem by the number of people that both flights were full.

I know people all "tout" their own cities on here, but I seriously hope that someone from the palace reads this and maybe even responds. It has always been sad and embarassing in May for the 500 and August for the Brickyard 400 here to see US 737's flying in while UA, AA, and DL all bring in 757's and 767's. Here is US Airways with a HUGE presence in the SouthEast, a racing fan hotbed, yet the aircraft flown in on busy weekends doesn't change. US could easily fill much larger aircraft coming into IND for those occassions IF they were interested in making a profit. To hear the rumours (which are probably true) of IND going express makes me ponder the managements intentions even further. IND is home to the 2nd largest drug manufacturer in the world who has a travel budget in the tens of millions, the largest publicly traded health insurer in the country, as well as many other fortune 500 companies. It would seem though that while AA and UA have actually added flights to and from IND, US is not interested in doing anything. There was a point when US was the "big boy" in town - having 40% of all flights here. To try and book on US out of IND now, one must be very very flexible and creative.

I once thought that my furlough was only a temporary thing and one day things would be fine. I have since taken off the rose colored glasses and look at it in a more honest sense. Experience traveling this year and the experience of others has shown me that while the employees are hurt, US still offers a wonderful product. With no advertising, no will, and no commitment from "the palace" though, no one knows about it. I hope for the best for all of you and join you in you your longing for a management that cares and WANTS to run an airline to make a profit and not run into the ground.

Peace B)


Oct 13, 2003
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I really cant see IND going all express, except that if Southwest starts service from phl to 40 destinations, then I would believe that it is due to the airline's incompentent style of competing with SWA!


Oct 10, 2003
Autoracing is too low class for Bronner to have Siegel fly the bigger aircraft in to IND. Now if there was a famous GOLF event you bet your butt there'd be an A330 flying in there...........

just some sarcasm :p


Sep 1, 2002
Has anyone heard any serious rumors of certain cities going mainline express soon? Maybe the company is just waiting on delivery of the new 70 seater RJs before announcing anymore.


Aug 20, 2002
For us to serve a city with all RJ's, while the competiton uses 757's and MD-80's is now the norm for US Airways. With SWA coming to PHL look for us to go Express in PHL and fight them off with our big bad 70 seaters....


Apr 3, 2003
ABE, BTV, CLE, just to name a few. I think in the very near future, you will see cities such as ATL, SEA, JAX amongst others.