How to improve morale at US AIRWAYS

Geezus....Lets try this again.

AFA has DOH in their bylaws. Do you understand that part? Ok, follow along carefully.....
ALPA does not
TWU does not
CWA does not

1 for 1...
Meaning 1st on the seniority list for east, then 1st on the seniority for west...and so on...?
That'll fly...Not..
Morale will improve when we are empowered to make decisions that will benefit our customers. Morale will also improve if we are paid fair and decent wages. I certainly do not expect to have industry leading pay and benefits, however, I do expect at least AVERAGE wages and benefits.
The IAM Dovetails, which is date of classification or hire depending on the classification.

No one should lose seniority because of the merger, DOH is the way to go.
Geezus....Lets try this again.

AFA has DOH in their bylaws. Do you understand that part? Ok, follow along carefully.....
ALPA does not
TWU does not
CWA does not

Therefore there is no question when it comes to AFA of how to integrate the seniority roster. If you will look back at post # 45, I clearly indicated that I was not proclaiming it right or wrong.

Having said that, with NO OTHER LABOR GROUP having DOH in it's bylaws, I favor 1 for 1 integration of the seniority roster(s).

I stand to lose a great deal with 1 for 1, but on the other hand, I will still have a job that I enjoy, that pays competive wages in this market, and affords me flexibility. I'm looking at it from a different point of view than you, obviously. I dont believe in stapeling rosters as apparently you do. I don't believe that HP employees should be sacrificed, as apparently you do.

The only fair way to go is by placing everyone on the seniority list in date of hire order. No one can argue that someone with less seniority has been placed ahead of them. Your hire date doesn't lie. Anyone that has a problem with being placed on the seniority roster where they rightfully belong, without going ahead of someone senior to them or being placed behind someone junior to them is not a fair minded person. You can only receive what being hired first affords you. Do you see first graders graduating high school before seniors? I think not. The cwa may not have doh in their bylaws, but they go doh, and I have yet to hear any of them complain about it. They know that it is fair. Now if we could just get the money grubbing dues taking iam to realize that and give us our doh we would finally be on the right track to success.
Maybe the best thing to do is abort this freak show and let it die. Perhaps that will keep despicable pukes like Doug from sucking any more blood from any more human beings.

One of the benefits might be that a quality airline led by people who aren’t morons such as Delta Airlines could expand and we might land quality jobs again.

The new US Airways has made it clear that employees and people are not at all of interest to them or their forte. At the new airline the name of the game is enriching the new age robber baron scumbags whom are currently in control at the expense of everyone else, such as the flying public, stockholders and employees etc.

The average employee of Delta Airlines might be luckier than most lotto winners are that these evil pricks did not acquire their airline and destroy them also. Sadly, you know they tried

If Doug wants the respect of a real airline boss, he will have to ante up and pay his employees like real airline workers. If not he can go screw himself and watch like Nero did as his pay check burns!
Improve morale? For me personally....

- A f*cking contract. Its been two years. No excuses.

- A livable wage. Move me out of the poverty level. I should not be eligible for government aid with a full time, 24 hour a day, 6 days a week job.

- Pay me and the handful of other F/As that were screwed for the time we have been here. I dont care what the company or the union says, its black and white that we worked here for two years that you pretended we didn't. We're not going to forget it and we're not going to drop it.

- Stop making appallingly stupid decisions to be cheap that leave me having to apologize for how out of touch you are.

- Stop being the most well-compensated CEO in the industry while we suffer at the bottom of industry scale and the airline goes down in flames.

- Give us the tools to do our jobs. Working res systems, galleys, tugs. You're supposed to be running an AIRLINE stupid.

- Drop the tired low cost business casual, whatever spin you're trying to give this trailer trash idea of poor employees and chintzy brand. Realize that you are not just competing with Southwest anymore and up your game. Realize that we are the laughingstock of the industry and we are ashamed at work.

- Fix the operation. Just do it. No excuses. You are failures at running an airline.

- Stop outsourcing. Let us fly the planes, book the tickets, load the bags... thats why you have employees. As long as you use outsourced labor to threaten and replace us, be it Manila or Mesa, you will have sh*t morale. We are as cheap as they are now. At least give us our jobs back. You have half an airline laid off, you own four airlines, but you choose numerous outside airlines to do the flying. My QOL SUCKS because of this, so F you and your morale!

- We are not America West, dont want to be, our customers dont want it to be, and it doesnt translate. Get out of the desert and act like a major airline.

- Show us some RESPECT. Maybe your former airlines employees were ok with gimmicks and being talked to like children. We're not. We've been here longer than you, judging by past experience we will be here longer than you, and each and every one of us has made serious, life- altering sacrifices to keep this company afloat. We still are, and you can crunch whatever number you want, but we can make or break this thing in a matter of a day.

I'm sure I could think of more but these are what immediately comes to mind.
Can I be her/his driver? I will keep the bar stocked and you want have to worry about a DUI and embarrassing yourself and the 35,000 employees. :lol:

You can be my driver/confidante/body guard. You must be armed with a bottle of Rave Mega Hold at all times. :)

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