( I Repeat ) The GOP has ...... NO ONE...for 2016 !

And who do the dems have?
She's continuing to self implode everytime she opens he mouth.
Now she wants to reach out to ISIS and sing Kumbuyah around a camp fire so we can  figure out what their grievances are with us.  
Got news for you, will be some good campaign ads with beheaded Americans singing Kumbuyah my Lord, Kumbuyah.....
Elizabeth Warren takes the nomination.
300 Former Obama Staffers Urge Elizabeth Warren to Run for President 

It's two years out. We just had the mid-terms. There are plenty of viable candidates out there. Whether the GOP picks one or whether they go the extreme route like they did the past two elections remain to be seen. If the GOP picks someone who is not crazy then Clinton will have a good fight on her hands. If the GOP goes with a Palin or Romney again, Clinton may as well start picking staffer and cabinet positions now. That is if she decides to run.
I would consider anybody stupid enough to run to be a brave soul to take on Obama's fine mess. Hillary fits right in because she could make Obama look like Abraham Lincoln.

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