IAM ON WHO''S SIDE????????


Aug 20, 2002
Why the IAM put this concession cba out for a vote is beyond me. I think that the IAM are a bunch of greedy old misers looking out for themselves, rather than it''s members best interests. Take the CWA foe example, they are still negotiating with the company, the CWA did not rollover and accept the company''s take it or leave it offer. The CWA is standing up for its members. The IAM on the other hand stands to gain everything and lose nothing with this new cba. I mean for 1.25 million wouldn''t you try to push it through. I think that the IAM needs to grow a backbone and stand up to the company for all of it''s members, and not back down like a scalded dog. But that is exactly what they did, the IAM backed down and looked out for the IAM and not it''s members. I for 1 will vote no to this unfair agreement.
Part 2

We told him that we, the membership, didn't appreciate our representatives being treated that way. We told him that when they treated them discourteously, they were actually insulting the membership. We told him the next time the company decided to just start over again with their first proposal, bring it back to us so that we could vote it down.

Then the company filed for bankruptcy, and insisted that our negotiators bring back what they had been working on with the un-agreed upon parts filled in with the company's "wish list".

That is why we are voting on this terrible proposal.

The real question is do we have the guts to go ahead and vote no on this mess. Or are we so scared by a judge being involved, that we would agree to accept these terrible terms.

This vote gives us the opportunity to back up what our negotiators were doing, and justify their stance against the stupidity that they had to endure for two months.

The fact that now the Union leadership will not recommend a No vote against this terrible proposal, is proof to me that the company successfully made accommodations for the Union bureaucracy.

And the fact that the arguments from the Union leadership would seem to encourage a yes vote is treason against us, the membership.

Please, Please, Vote No!
Did they make a proposal to the IAM? If so its going to be a tough vote, kind of between a rock and a hard place. Hope it works out for everyone.
A week before the bankruptcy and Final Proposal, our negotiator from Charlotte had a meeting and debriefed us on how the negotiations were going.

We were appalled at how the company was treating our negotiators. It was obvious that the company had no intention of finishing a tentative, until they had the Pilots and Flight Attendants squared away.

He said that every Monday the company would re-insist on removing pushbacks from Mechanics. During the week our negotiators would bargain them back by giving other concessions of equal value and then continue on with other issues. Until the next Monday, and then the push back issue would be back again.

He said that a couple of times, after several weeks of negotiation and tying up the majority of issues, the company would simply start over by resubmitting their original offer.

We asked him why they put up with such stupidity. Why didn't they just walk out and leave things as they were (this was pre-bankruptcy). He said that they did a couple of times, but they would always leave a negotiator in town at the hotel. The company would always call him and have the negotiations restarted.

End of Part 1. See Part 2