Inflight Service-Management Cuts?

Aug 30, 2002
Hey folks..was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on what type of management cuts will be affecting the Inflight Department. Heard a rumor that some house cleaning in PHL occured tonight.
Yes, cuts happened in PHL, CLT, PIT, ect.......
I am not sure of the exact numbers but at least 2-3 supervisors in PHL and about 8-9 in PIT.
It depends on if they were hired as a flight attendant first. If they were, they have a seniority number and get slotted back in on their DOH. If not, they are given severance and bye bye.
My thoughts are with them.
Heard several Inflight Supervisors in CLT were relieved of their duties in CLT, as well. Rumor has it that they're going to drastically cut the number of supervisors in each base. There have also been a number of shake-ups in the training department. Some have been let go and others have been promoted to management positions. Looks like the new Queen of Inflight is doing some serious house-cleaning. Woe be unto those who ever had a run-in with her in her previous incarnation as CLT base manager.
Oh, and another thing about the supervisors and training people they're letting go: They screwed them all by waiting until now to do it, at least as far as the ones who are F/As and can go back on the line. They didn't get to bid for a November block. They didn't get to bid for a December block. They weren't notified in time to apply for a voluntary furlough or a voluntary separation package. They didn't get to bid their vacation for 2003. Not that Inflight management cares, mind you.
I havent heard of any new layoffs in clt office in fact they were seriously short and had temp supervisors there.Training dept demotions and prmotions were in the last round not this one...
Well, the supervisors were overloaded. Some had 350 F/A per supervisor and so I know in PHL they were going to hire 3 more F/A supervisors. But, the cuts were mandatory and they not only didn't hire 2-3 more...they cut 4-5 that were already there.
Talk about work overload now.
Thanks Stew! I was referring to the demotions premotions and change around that ms hendry is doing! I would assume there would have been further reductions in training dept as well as in light! Who was let go in clt in flt anyone know?

Yes, I do know, but I don't want to say anything yet. I'm sure it will be public knowledge soon enough. Not trying to be evasive or cryptic, just don't want to appear to be a rumor-monger at this point since it hasn't been officially announced yet.

Let's just say that if you know much about who's who in the Inflight Training Department, some of the names of who's gone may surprise you.....and not pleasantly. I'm still in shock about the choice for Jeff Turner's replacement as supervisor of training in CLT that was announced a few weeks ago. That one just blew me away. Frau Hendry is certainly making her presence known.